Optimized Security Solutions: Which is Right For Your Needs



When deciding on the kind of security system to install, it is vital to clearly understand the difference between wired and wireless security systems. There is a lot in choosing a security system which is right for your needs.


The following detailed breakdown provides the difference between the two which will assist you in making the right decision for the best security solution.

• Flexibility

Among the most evident dissimilarity between the wired and wireless security systems is the level of flexibility. Wired security systems involve the installation of cameras and other hardware devices, in this case such placements can be limited. Additionally, this plug-in connectivity always needs proper prior planning during the design phase failure to which can immensely affect the entire systems’ performances. A wireless system allows much flexibility and freedom when installing the system as there are no wires used.

• Installation

When it comes to installation, wired systems always tend to be tiresome. This is because devices need proper handling during the process to ensure that each device is accurately installed. Additionally, there is need of connecting wires to every device which also takes longer time. Equally, installation is challenging as the wires should be hidden for safety purposes.


However, when it comes to wireless security systems, setup is very fast and easy. Also, wireless system connectivity is always fast and not prone to any challenges as transmission is through radio signals to other devices.

• Reliability

In terms of reliability, wired systems seem to be the best as compared to the wireless systems. Wired systems use the home’s electrical source as the source of the power supply, in such a case there are no worries about interference. Additionally, they do have a backup system that automatically switches on in case of any power failures. However, wireless systems seem to solely depend on batteries as the source of power supply and in such a scenario disruption of signals is very likely to occur. Again, they need closer monitoring.

• Cost

Since the operation of wired systems is older, it is cheaper compared to wireless security systems. In this case wired systems become the best choice for budget-conscious homes or business that can get a basic security solution. However, as wireless technology keeps on developing, its market is widening and hence becomes inexpensive as well as available to everyone.


The best security system involves a close monitoring by a professional from the main control monitoring room. In this case, the wired connection is a better choice over the wireless system. Wired systems seem to be tedious in terms of installation. Again, they are not flexible. On the other hand, the wireless eliminates the use of telephone, which have become extinct in recent times. Additionally the installation of a wireless system is easier.


Once more, with the wireless security it is always easier to place the wireless devices in hard to reach areas since they are much flexible. Therefore before deciding on the security system to use its good to evaluate flexibility, installation, cost as well as the reliability of the system.