Organize Your Personal Library

Organize Your Books

Organize Your Books

People who love reading have strong feelings about their bookshelves. It’s very easy to organize your bookcase; with a few simple steps, you can have a nice and clean bookshelf too.

Step one: empty the shelves and sort the books. Take all your books off the shelves. Next, sort your books into piles. Sort your books by genre, author, etc.

Step two: make a decision about which ones you want to keep. Keep the books which are important to you intellectually or artistically (even emotionally). 

Step three: choose what to replace. This category will be very small, less than a handful of books. You should remove, not add books to your collection.

Step four: Clean the books and the bookshelves. Cleaning the books will keep them in good condition.

Step five: re-arrange your shelves. Display your books in all of their lovely glory!


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