Overcoming Puberty Problems: Creating a Better Self-image

Puberty is a challenging phase. Many changes occur, especially in teens' appearances. They start to get conscious about their self-image. If not addressed well, their self-confidence may take a plunge. What are these things that a teenager may encounter when puberty hits?

Scalp Alert

When too much oil is produced by the scalp, it holds out big chunks of dead skin cells seen as white flakes. These are commonly known as dandruff. An excellent anti-dandruff shampoo regulates the oil secretion and removes dandruff.

This scalp condition is embarrassing and irritating at the same time. The flakes are sometimes perceived as having poor hygiene. People do not know that dandruff is a common occurrence despite hygienic efforts. A teen is also prevented from wearing dark clothes. Fashion takes a back seat to cover up these white flakes. On top of all this is an itchy scalp. It is annoying to hold back from scratching, lest the scalp would be more damaged.

Proper care with the appropriate product helps to stop this scalp predicament. A regular haircut is also a good way to have a good growth of hair. Avoid hair products such as gels and too many hair treatments and styling. With more simple hair care, teens can pride themselves on beautiful tresses.

Skin Breakouts

Another part affected by too much oil secretion is the skin. The face experiences skin breakouts such as acne. Whiteheads and blackheads are also common occurrences at this stage. Washing with a gentle cleanser and warm water one to two times a day helps.

While it may be tempting, do not pick or squeeze the bumps. Girls may be curious to try many skin products on their faces. But minimal application of cosmetics will help maintain clearer skin. Some acne clears with home care. But if it seems to worsen, a visit to a dermatologist is a good call.

Sweat Overdrive

Hormonal changes cause sweat glands to work overtime. Teenagers are more prone to profuse sweating. In a way, this is helpful in removing dirt from the body. But the problem lies when sweat is accompanied by a smell.

The most common problem is when armpits sweat a ton and the teen experiences body odor. A good bath or shower will remove the bacteria that causes the odor. A good deodorant can also help eliminate the smell.

The same thing goes with the feet. Teen activities can be rigorous, which causes the feet to sweat. When bacteria accumulate, stinky feet may occur. Frequent washing with particular care between the toes helps. Also, having a clean pair of socks handy can ensure that the feet are always dry.

Spurts of Growth and Clumsiness Issues

Teens experience sudden growth spurts or a delay on them. It may be awkward for a teenager to be very tall. On the other side, they may be the shortest among their peers. Other body parts such as the breasts and testicles also develop. Their elders should explain to them that people develop at different paces.

A teen may also find themselves becoming clumsy. This is because their extremities develop first before their torsos. Thus, a little coordination problem may occur. Always remind teens to be more careful for them to prevent accidents.

Puberty may be a challenging phase. But it brings some changes that are vital for the teens' lives later on. The guidance and care of their elders must be constant to help them overcome issues they may face at this stage.