Part Time Modelling Jobs: 5 Survival Tips For Aspiring Models

Modeling opportunities are hard to find, but thanks to the Internet it opened up a lot of opportunities for aspiring models. For instance, social media can make you a superstar, thereby making you popular for modeling agents. With the ease of internet, agents can directly contact and hire you online.


Getting into a modeling job may be easy but surviving it can be frustrating. Here’s some tips to make you last longer in that arena:


1. Have A Respected Modeling Agency or Manager


Being a model is similar to going to court. Don't represent yourself, but get a modeling agency or manager to represent you. Modelling jobs in London or other parts of the world mustn’t be done like a freelancer. When you have an agency behind you, connections with designers or brands can become easier. However, it’s vital to choose an agent or manager carefully to avoid being exploited.


Below are other reasons why having a good agency can help you survive in your modeling career:


  • Career Development - a well-established agency is committed to developing their models. If you want to have a lasting future in modeling, get a professional agency.

  • Brand Building - establishing your brand is vital to have more clients. If you have a good agency, they’ll help you navigate through TV, film, social media, etc. to make a mark in the modeling industry.

  • Better Exposure - to have exposure to different markets, get agencies from different places.

  • More Bookings - with an established brand and more agencies handling you, significant bookings will pour in. Moreover, some high-end clients like Toyota, Apple, etc. only hire known modeling agencies.

  • Deserving Payment - when you're new in the modeling industry, a lot of clients will take advantage of your inexperience. However, with an agency, they know how much should be charged for your casting.


2. Be Unique and Love The Natural You


Modeling can be demanding. One of the most common demands for models is to have the perfect physical appearance. When you're an aspiring model, you may be too concerned about building the right image: which is a skinny body with flawless skin. It makes you want to undergo surgeries to achieve your body goal.


However, most successful models have their uniqueness which gives them more bookings and clients. Here are reasons why altering your physique should be your last resort:


  • The modeling industry doesn’t require an ideal image. Also, if you plan to look like the known models, you’ll likely fail because you should have your own uniqueness.

  • Unique features can make you stand out from the rest especially that the modeling industry is always looking for a variety of uniqueness to cater in promoting client's brands.

  • Only get surgery to correct minimal flaws like saggy skin left after losing weight, or removing a tummy tuck after giving birth. These instances are understandable but having surgery to change your overall appearance is only limiting your chance of success.


3. Find The Right Crowd And Stick To It


To get into modeling, you need the right agency. But one way to survive in this kind of industry is to surround yourself with the right crowd, especially when you're just starting out. Friends or the group you get into can either make or break you. When you hang out with people who do drugs, chances are, you’ll do the same, too. And doing drugs or other destructive vices can get you as far as losing yourself. If you want to stay in the modeling agency for a long time, then befriend people who have the same goals as you.


Here's how you can find someone like you:


  • Engage with someone who resembles your attitude towards career, music, hobbies, family, etc.

  • Communicating often with people can give signs whether the person is on the right side or the wrong side. Look for cues like frequent bitching, or how she talks about other people.

  • Don't be carried away by sweet talks and warm hugs as they may sometimes be misleading. Always be wary why a person is befriending you. Some models tend to use other people for their own benefits and leave you hanging when not needed anymore.


4. Say No To Any Exploitation


You may think that modeling is beautiful and that models are always treated right. However, a lot of models have confessed about the dark side of modeling. For instance, models are required to stay skinny as much as possible or keep working despite feeling unwell or silently suffer sexual harassment.


It's vital to speak out when experiencing any kind of exploitation because keeping it all in destroys your mental well-being. When this happens, not only will you suffer internally but it can lead you to lose your career. Being broken inside makes you more likely to fail in any aspect of your life. So don't succumb to being harassed, resist and find other people to work with than enduring such incidents.


Talking and resisting it not only helps you but others, too. Just like what's happening in the world, people are starting to speak since others have initiated speaking about it. Moreover, models who have opposed such incidents testified to feel more empowered. With that kind of courage, clients who advocate for women empowerment can hire you as a model for their brand.


5. Learn to Embrace Rejection


One of the many skills you need to master when entering the modeling industry is learning to embrace rejection. You must be able to handle the situation when doors are closed in your face. Remember that successful models have experienced rejection, too. In fact, many may have been told no, so don't fret over it.


Before getting an answer, prepare yourself from receiving rejections. Also, the more rejections you get, the more motivated you are to perfecting your modeling skills.

Part Time Modelling Jobs: 5 Survival Tips For Aspiring Models



Starting a modeling career may seem easy, but staying in it for a long time isn’t. But with the right attitude and tactics, you can withstand the hardships and may even land that superstar status. Therefore, keep in mind these tips to help you with your modeling career.