Parts Of Your Kitchen to Be Meticulous About When Redesigning

You most likely have experienced it. A kitchen that is cramped up, countertops that are cluttered, and lighting that looks all doom and gloom just like that of a haunted house. Cleaning is a total nightmare and finding what you need when you need it takes forever. The worst part is, cooking — the basic thing that your kitchen is meant for — is often a horrific experience.




If your kitchen looks like those horror movies, it's high time you redesigned it. A timely redesign can give you a stylish, functional and homely cooking space that you and your family will love. You only need to pay attention to just a few major parts and preparing dinner can be fun all over again. Here are the 4 key parts to pay attention to in order to turn your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

1. Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is the most functional part of any kitchen. It is the part of the kitchen you use to keep your hands, your dishes and even your countertops nice and clean. Since it is the most abused part of the kitchen as all dirt and grime,make its way there, it is the part most likely to deteriorate fast. If you have been using your kitchen sink for some time now, it is not uncommon to find scratches and cracks on it. A sink in bad shape hurts the aesthetics of your kitchen, even if everything else looks good.



Replacing your old sink with one that reflects your personal style can give you more pride in your kitchen. Don't be stuck with a sink that does not meet your needs because it will make tasks more hectic than they need to be. A good sink should lessen the time you spend preparing meals. If a single sink does not meet your needs, consider adding a second or getting a double-basin sink. If you need one large sink that can accommodate bigger pots, a farmhouse sink that is made of sturdy clay and comes with bigger space is ideal. Take note of your unique needs and if your sink is hard to work with, get it replaced with one that is more practical.

2. Cabinetry

With expanding families and need for more storage space, more people are realizing the need to redesign their cabinets. A cabinet redesign should give you more space to store kid’s lunchbox, utensils, and dog food among other things. Most interior designers recommend an efficient cabinet layout to increase the number of workstations and accommodate more people in the kitchen. If you currently have one workstation, the right layout can increase the number to two or three and get more of your family member involved in the kitchen.


Redesigning your cabinet won't be just about adding more space. The finishes could be outdated and in need of a modern touch. Replacing those ceramic handles that were trendy a decade ago can create a new refreshing look. Painting darkening wood or repainting fading paint can make the cabinets appealing again. Such simple actions can give your cabinets the best possible look all year round.


3. Countertops

You should always be in love with your kitchen countertops and if that is not the case with your current one, it's perhaps time you redesigned it. The look and state of your countertops set the mood of your whole kitchen decor. It could even motivate or demotivate you when preparing your favorite dishes. When you get into your kitchen, you want a working surface that inspires you to try out that tasty recipe that you read about in your favorite cookbook. You will certainly get no inspiration from a countertop that looks old and outdated.




A small working surface can be a big disappointment if you cook regularly. If you constantly find your ingredients falling to the floor when preparing meals, you should opt for a countertop with a larger area. Countertops that seem out of place with other finishes and colors are a major design flaw. Get countertops that contrast well with your cabinets. Avoid the same colors and finishes for both your countertops and cabinets. If you are not sure what colors to choose, go for versatile options that will blend in with just about any color. For instance, white countertops will work best with brown or black finish cabinets.

4. Lighting

The lighting enhances the look of your kitchen when installed right. Inadequate lighting can give your kitchen a gloomy, boring look. If you have some special features you want to highlight, lighting is the perfect way to do just that. Lighting also makes your kitchen more practical. More light over the countertop gives you a better illuminated working area. Lights in the cabinets make it easy to find what you want quickly.


You can also use lighting to infuse your personal style into your kitchen design. With the easily available LED lights that come in all types of colors, it is now easier to get creative with accent lighting no matter your personal style. Don’t hesitate to use lighting to accentuate those beautiful areas of your kitchen that you would love to see everyone. LED lights save energy and you can enjoy exquisite lighting without having to worry about high energy bills.




The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is no longer just a place to prepare meals. For most modern families, the kitchen means more. It has become the place where family members meet up to share meals, engage in intimate conversations and relax after a long tiring day. While you could redesign other areas of your home and ignore the kitchen a while back, that is an outdated approach today. The kitchen is now the new dining room. When redesigning your home, it should be at the top of the list.However, redesigning your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to replace and redesign everything. If you can, go ahead and give your kitchen a full makeover. It deserves it. Nevertheless, upgrading something as simple as the sink or the countertop can enhance both your kitchen in terms of aesthetics and practicality.