Pieces of Fashion Jewelry That You Need To Add To Your Collection



Whether she is a stay-at-home mom or someone treading the corporate path, jewelry is a wardrobe essential for every woman. Women like to wear jewelry for a variety of reasons. For example, they may view it as a symbol of accomplishment, confidence, social status or even self-worth. For most women though, it comes down to expressing their femininity and creating a style of their own.


Although there is always a good reason to buy new jewelry, you can’t just go jewelry shopping at your whim. You don’t need a style statement at the expense of immense credit card debt. Fortunately, you don’t need to have dozens of jewelry pieces to create the perfect look every day or on special occasions.


Here are five essential pieces of jewelry that you need to have in your collection.


  1. Bracelets


A delicate bracelet adorned with diamonds or pearls is the perfect piece of jewelry to go with both, your everyday and special occasion outfits. It can add color to your slick corporate outfit or a casual black shirt and jeans. Plus, you can slip it on and off easily.


Stretch bracelets are trending right now, but if you go for a slightly expensive diamond tennis bracelet, it can make a style statement and can be a part of your identity forever.




You can choose from various types of bracelets suitable for specific occasions and a casual everyday look as well. Charm bracelets with little trinkets hanging from a chain never go out of style. You can also add a cuff bracelet or a pearl bracelet to your collection. Wristwatch bracelets and watches that are designed to imitate bangles or cuffs are also a good choice.


  1. Earrings


Want to change your look, especially the way your face appears? You can do it with a pair of earrings. Just replace a pair of diamond studs with dangle earrings to turn your classic appearance into a party look. You don’t even need to pierce your earlobes as a wide range of clip-on earrings is also available. This is why this simple piece of jewelry is a must-have in your collection.




Fortunately, you have a large variety of earrings to choose from, such as diamond or pearl studs, hoop earrings, drops and dangles, ear threads, and ear spikes, among others. They are not as expensive as a necklace or a bracelet either. While a diamond necklace can easily set you back by more than a few thousand dollars, a couple of hundred bucks can buy you a decent pair of diamond earrings.


  1. Long Chain Necklace


A long chain necklace is one of the best means to add an element of elegance to your jewelry box. It brings together any outfit, ranging from a simple tee and jeans to a stylish evening gown and everything in between. It can work as the centerpiece of your outfit. You can buy gold or silver necklace or both for your collection.




You can take your pick from a wide range of long necklaces available in the market. The choker necklace is perhaps the most common type of long necklace that may vary from 14-16 inches in length. A princess necklace, on the other hand, is around 16-18 inches long, while rope necklaces are usually longer than 32 inches.


  1. Stylish Wrist Watch


For women, wrist watches are nothing short of a functional piece of jewelry.  You can wear a watch on all occasions, whether you are hanging out at the beach or stepping out for a client meeting. Over the years, fine jewelry makers have started making beautiful and delicate watch designs that look just like bangles or bracelets.




Studded with pearls, diamonds, and precious gems, they are now available in gold, silver, and platinum, among other precious metals. While statement watches are going to be slightly expensive, sports and casual watches are a whole different story. They make an excellent piece of accessory for casual outfits. You should have a collection of stylish watches along with casual ones that you can wear for suitable occasions.


  1. Rings  


Last but not least, every woman needs to have a few rings in her jewelry box. A ring can add appeal to your outfit, especially if you are not going to wear a bracelet. When it comes to rings, you have virtually limitless options.




One of the most popular types of rings is the cocktail ring. You can wear these oversized rings with a large center stone encircled by several tiny ones on special occasions. In fact, women wear them at cocktail parties. Hence, the name. However, an increasing number of women are also wearing them for casual outings.


You can choose from a variety of designs and stones for your rings. Rings in single-color stones add texture to an outfit, while multicolor stones provide a blended look. The choice is yours.


Parting Words


Jewelry is one of the best ways for women to show off their feminine side. Hopefully, learning about these five primary pieces of jewelry will make it easier for you to build a collection of your own. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today to create your own stunning jewelry collection.


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