Pink Papyrus Launches New Pet Accessories with Vegan Friendly Options!


Pet owners rejoice! Pink Papyrus, based in California and home of all things delightful, sturdy and useful for dog parents, has just released new collars and leashes! What did Americans spend last year, somewhere around $70 billion on their pets? Well, we’re giving you another reason to exercise your spending capabilities and spoil those doggies, by sharing the latest and greatest from Pink Papyrus!

Let’s start with the new collars! Any dog owner knows collars are tricky. You want reliable, but fear the severity of choke chains, yet you also want something cute but worry something cheap will snap on the first walk. Pink Papyrus gets it, loves it, and has given us 5 new beauties that are seriously tough. Ryan, Antoinette, Hayden, Isabella and Drew round out the new line and bring with them, clean, classic fun. Available from Extra-Small to Large, these collars are adjustable, and feature some bling bling (AKA luxe gold hardware) for bit of sass. Reinforced box stitching and an organic vegan leather tag are the cherries on top!


Moving on to the 4 New Leashes, affectionately named Mona, Isabella, Drew and Avery, they are a breath of fresh air compared to boring old designs on the market. Offered in two sizes Small/Medium (4ft length) and Medium/Large (6ft length) these stunners feature organic neoprene handles for total comfort. Lightweight with reinforced box stitching at all stress points for added strength, these leashes also feature luxe gold hardware. Think of them as powerful AND pretty. Like the collars, each leash is finished with an organic vegan leather logo tag.


What started with adorable doggie tees, has grown to leashes, bandanas, waste bag holders and now amazing collars. Earlier this year, they released their first ever batch of 100% chemical free hand grown organic cotton leashes, flexible, double-sided print bandanas and convenient yet adorable waste bag dispensers. 


The leashes are designed to be both beautiful and strong. The hand spun cotton is weather proof, hypoallergenic, durable, naturally elastic, lightweight, and is incredibly soft, making this leash the perfect stylish, sustainable, and safe outdoor accessory for any pup. Dog owners immediately fell in love with the glam gold threading accent, and the fact that these babies can withstand tensile strength of up to 2,800lbs! They really make you feel comfortable, and confident when walking, at the dog park, hiking new areas, etc.


The waste bag holders are the perfect solution for when you’re on the go with a pup who needs to go! Crafted to be as durable as they are beautiful, the bags are made of heavy-duty fabric and solid brass hardware, a must-have accessory for turning something unpleasant, into a fashion moment!


They clip right onto the leashes and you can easily pull bags out of the brass grommet. Lightweight and compact, they hold one standard roll of waste bags and a bit of extra room for keys and some treats, incredibly convenient!


Lastly, the classic tie-on bandanas are the perfect accessory for your fashion-forward fur baby. They carefully selected fabrics that are both comfortable and stylish! Sizes range from small to large to accommodate most pets. Created to minimize stiffness, allow for flexibility in size, while retaining the look of a classic knotted bandana.  The bandanas are double-sided print and feature a hand stitched accent trim, the quality is incomparable!


Christine Abdelmalek, Boss Babe and Founder of Pink Papyrus, says; “The response from the media and our amazing tribe of customers has been overwhelmingly positive. People loved Pink Papyrus! They loved the materials were used, the designs and colors we put together, they loved the passion behind the products. To see the photos and videos we get tagged in on Instagram, and to receive the outpouring of positive feedback from our customers and their pups makes every single day of the struggle and the unknown completely worth it. We do what we do because we love the products we make and we love the people and pups we serve.”


Peruse the entire insanely cute line at and try not to fall in love when you follow them on Instagram: @pink_papyrus & Facebook: @thepinkpapyrus