Places In San Diego To Pre-Order A Holiday Pie

Pies In San Diego

Photography By alex Loup

Perfect Pie Places

Who in their right mind doesn't love a slice of pie on Christmas Day? Whether it's the traditional Pumpkin Pie, berries or nuts, pie is a great way to end the meal. No Holiday meal would be complete without pie.  Check out the best places to get your pie this Holiday Season!


Julian Pie Co


When you think of Autumn in San Diego, you probably think of Julian. The closest place in Southern California where you can experience a true autumn and winter. Leaves change color and snowfalls, just an hour outside of San Diego in this little rustic town. However, Julian’s claim to fame is its pie. Julian Pie Company is a local favorite and has a wide variety of pie to choose from. Stop by to get a slice warmed up and served with ice cream, or get a whole pie to go, you can’t go wrong. But don’t worry; if you don’t have time to make the trip, you can pick up Julian Pies in some of your local grocery stores such as Vons and Albertsons.


Sugar and Scribe

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and gather with friends and family. It’s also an excuse to decorate your home in autumn attire. Of course, a well-dressed home wouldn’t be complete without a cozy table to sit around and delicious food to admire. Well, this Thanksgiving, you’re in luck! Not only are these pies from Sugar and Scribe delicious, but they’re also beautiful! Triple berry, cranberry apple, pumpkin, and apple pies are elegantly crafted and can be used as centerpieces themselves.


Pop Pie Co


Holiday's and pumpkin pie are a match made in heaven. This year, stop by Pop Pie Co to pick up one of the best pumpkin pies in San Diego. Topped with cream cheese frosting and sea salt, this pumpkin pie is sure to stand out from the rest. But order fast because these pies will be flying out of the oven as the holidays rolls around. Also, check out their Honey Bourbon Pecan Pie and Mixed Berry Cream Cheese Pie for a sweet variety.


If you are a pie company selling pie this holiday season and would like to be added to this list please contact Heather at 760-415-7525.