Places to Find Halloween Costumes

Pirate Costume

Have you picked out a costume yet? If your answer is no then read on. The stores listed below are the best costume stores near you. Browse their aisles ...


Party City


Party City is a traditional place that most people go to find Halloween costumes, and it’s a place that you can’t go wrong. With costumes ranging from babies to adults, you can find an outfit for yourself or your child. Whether you want to be Dorothy or a sexy devil there is something for you at Party City. Costumes aren’t the only thing that they sell at Party City, there are also a lot of makeup products available and the prices start at 99 cents. Whether you are looking for makeup kits to become a mermaid or are looking for sfx looks to give the appearance of laceration, you can find something to boost your outfit.


Spirit Halloween


Spirit Halloween offers a wide variety of costumes no matter your preference. Their adult collection is filled with styles including Hocus Pocus, Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, and more. You can explore their collection to find the scariest, sexist, or funniest costume. They even have couple costumes that will take the cake at any Halloween contest. You can pair up as your favorite TV couple or even dress up together as a Crayola crayon box. Spirit Halloween is also filled with costumes for kids if you need to find something for your little one. Whether your boy or girl wants to dress up as a princess or superhero there is something for everyone at this store.


Halloween Express


Halloween Express has costumes for anyone no matter your size, with a plus size section, included. No matter if you want to be super sexy or cover everything up, you will be able to find something at Halloween Express. For most people, the most concerning factor to finding Halloween costumes is finding something at a price that won’t break the bank, at Halloween Express you are able to find a costume for less and get coupons to make it even less so you can look fabulous on Halloween.


Gypsy Treasure


With a name like Gypsy Treasure you know you are going to find something absolutely amazing. At Gypsy Treasure, they pride themselves on their high-quality costumes. With not only the option to buy a costume but to also rent it, you can find something that will make you look extraordinary on Halloween night. With a wide variety of wigs, you can finish any outfit with the perfect hairdo to really seal the outfit. But accessories aren’t the only things that you will find at Gypsy Treasure. They have a wide variety of makeup products whether you want face paint or prosthetics to add to your outfit. You don’t have to break the bank to have a realistic costume, especially at Gypsy Treasure.


Thrift Stores


Most of the places people think to look for Halloween costumes are actual costume stores, but some of the best places to find clothes for your costume are thrift stores. Whether you want to find some pieces for a 70’s inspired outfit or some missing pieces for your Dorothy costume, you will be able to find it at a thrift store. One of the best things about thrift stores is how cheap it is; you can even find an outfit for $15 or less. If you go into a thrift store with a clear mind you’ll be surprised the ideas you will come up for Halloween ideas, you might even have to get something for two outfits.


Antique Stores


Most people just go to antique stores with clothes nowhere near in their mind, but you’d actually be surprised how many clothes you can find at an antique store. With the release of Great Gatsby in 2013, the 20’s inspired look has become very famous and lusted over. The cute flapper look not only leaves a girl looking innocent, but also sexy. Antique stores capture this decade’s attire with their antique wardrobe and no matter the decade you are looking to aspire to you can find it at an antique store.