Planning Your Gaming Trip to San Diego


San Diego, California, has a lot to offer - from beaches to casinos, from hiking spots to busy clubs, from surfing locations to shopping malls, it has something for everyone.


Being one of the busiest cities in California (and the 8th largest city in the US), and thanks to its warm climate, it is bustling with life year-round, and won’t disappoint you, no matter the time of the year when you decide to visit. If you’re up for a beach holiday, it’s best to visit between August to October. However, winters are far from cold, too.


If you’re looking into gaming destinations, San Diego should be on your radar, as it has a number of Vegas-style casinos that are absolutely worth exploring.


What to expect from casinos in San Diego


In San Diego, there are a few casino resorts that combine casinos, hotels, pools, spas, diverse dining options, and sometimes even theaters and comedy clubs. If you’re looking for a casino resort, some that are worth checking out are Pechanga Resort & Casino, Barona Resort & Casino and Harrah’s Resort Southern California, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.


Casinos in San Diego are open 24/7, which means that you can pop in at whatever time of the day or night you wish, and stay for as long as you like.


Here’s what you can expect from additional services:


  • dining options, such as all-you-can-eat buffets, steakhouses, and different types of restaurants for all tastes;
  • customized apps developed specifically for US players who gamble in online casinos;
  • bus service that covers Southern California, so check with yours if it does, the San Diego Tourism Authority advises.


Drinking age is 21, and the minimum age for access to the casinos is between 18 and 21. While children are not allowed in the casinos, in most cases they can enter the casinos’ restaurants, pools, shops, theaters, and other areas.


Other activities in San Diego


Besides gaming, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your time in San Diego.


  • Spending time outdoors


If you’re visiting San Diego in the warm months, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and especially when it comes to sea-related activities, such as swimming, surfing, sailing and fishing, according to Allison Eilhardt who discusses the top outdoors activities in SD. With 70 miles of coastline, San Diego has a beach for everyone - from surfers to families, cyclists, and avid swimmers.


Additionally, it has a number of parks, gardens, and hiking paths, such as the beautiful Balboa Park, as well as the San Diego Zoo.


  • Going shopping


If shopping is on your list of things to do, San Diego has excellent shopping options. Whether it’s souvenirs, clothes, or some locally produced unique accessories that you’d like to buy, the shopping malls and shopping centers have you covered, and they are extremely diverse - from high-end luxury malls to outlets, and everything in-between.


  • Visiting the Gaslamp Quarter


The Gaslamp Quarter will be your go-to place, if you want to hit the bars and clubs in San Diego - and you can also find good shopping and food options there (however, for the best dining experiences, there might be better places, as locals don’t come here as often[1]). The Gaslamp Quarter is worth exploring if you’re into history and architecture, too, and would like to have a stroll through one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods