Pocket, Rock It!

An Old Tradition Receives an Update

Kent Wang’s Aztec Sun Stone, $45.

Photo by Kent Wang

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From the glittering English courts of Richard II arose the pocket square, a simple cloth handkerchief of the 1300s
made to accentuate any true gentleman’s attire. Now an art form all its own, pocket squares showcase abstract bursts of color, reprinted works of art and complex geometric patterns. With basic black and white accents a thing of the past, pocket squares present personal expression for any dapper man. Coated with distinguishable works of art, find a pocket square perfect for a day at the office or a black-tie gala.

Hugo Boss pocket square
Hugo Boss’s Printed Silk, $55.

Suited Man D'Italia
Suited Man D’Italia’s Rose Noir En Bloom, $20.

Duchamp pocket square
​Duchamp London’s Paint Marks Print, $43.

Rampley and Co London
Rampley & Co. London’s Samson & Delilah, $90.

Etro pocket square
Etro’s Elephant & Floral, $135.