3 Intentional and Deliberate Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Live in the Moment

3 Intentional and Deliberate Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Live in the Moment

The smartphone made its debut in the world over a decade ago, and so many people cannot imagine their lives without their compact companion. And it seems to be daily that we hear about unique new ways to get more value out of this multi-functional device thanks to apps, accessories, and even your service plan.

Your mobile device and coverage plan together offer you a broad range of opportunities to live in the moment without worry. Get ready to move beyond the standard calling, texting, and daily app downloading experiences to see what your smartphone can really do for you.

1. Make Your Smartphone a Key Tool in Your Professional Life

Whether you plan to launch your own small business, or you simply want to become part of the BYOD generation at work, investing in a high-quality smartphone and a robust service plan is going to propel you toward success. Explore multi-functional smartphones like the Galaxy S9 Plus or the Apple iPhone X to benefit from the massive storage capacity necessary to download all the apps you need to streamline your productivity.  

Just as importantly—and particularly crucial if you travel for work—make sure your service plan features extensive coverage so you can use your mobile phone anywhere you go. Take a look at a coverage comparison map to see how the plans stack up, in terms of providing reliable service all across the United States.  

Your smartphone and service plan can help you achieve your professional goals by supporting strong communications anywhere your business takes you. 

2. Let Your Mobile Device Become Your Tour Guide  

Road trips will never be the same once you start using your smartphone for one of its most powerful features: GPS. Whether you are heading out for a summer tour of U.S. National Parks or you're seeing the sights in New York City, an interactive map and GPS will get you where you want to go quickly. Additional benefits to relying on your smartphone's GPS system and satellite tracking technology include:  

  • A Location Tool to Find You in Case of Emergency. Most of today's mobile carriers feature services that rely on GPS to locate you in case of an emergency. The most frequent method that trained emergency call center personnel use is locating people in emergency situations via satellite tracking to triangulate the location of the call source within 3,300 meters or two miles.  

  • A Virtual Tour Guide in the Palm of Your Hand. You won't need to unfold a map again when setting out to explore your destination. Everything you need to investigate the city's restaurants, museums, shopping, recreation and more is in the palm of your hand.  

3. Help Make the World a Better Place 

If you want to find real measures to help others in the world, your smartphone can help. Use your smartphone to locate local volunteer organizations, donation centers, and charity operations that align with your strengths and interests. Check out apps like Feedie, which directs you to restaurants that help feed children. Donate a Photo is an app that accepts one photograph per day of anything, and your shot may become the inspiration or part of a charitable campaign. 

In addition to your everyday tasks, your smartphone provides you with tools to truly live in the moment to become a better worker, traveler, giver, and so much more.