Possible Complications of Butt Lift


People nowadays pay more attention to how they look, especially how their bodies look and feel great. For some women, having a beautifully curved backside can be considered an asset (no pun intended). It accentuates the beauty of their figure and enhances their confidence and the way they project themselves. There is an unwritten criterion about beauty that includes having a well-sculpted butt as being sexy. This is probably the reason why cosmetic and surgical enhancements that apply to the butt are on the rise. While we often see some celebrities showing off some nice backside curves, there is actually a growing number of women who undergo butt lift procedures. But is the procedure really safe? Before we go and have our butts undergo some serious reshaping, we need to explore the pros and cons of a butt lift, including its possible complications.


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What is a Butt Lift?

While the term is already a no-brainer, let’s delve deeper into the concept behind this procedure. We already know that the procedure can give us the shapely butts we want to have, but we’ll touch more on what happens before the desired effect is achieved - what happens during the procedure. Plastic surgeons generally agree that butt lift or gluteoplasty, is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens the skin of the buttocks. It involves removing excess skin and repositioning the surrounding tissue to create a youthful and shapely butt that improves the body contour. This should not be confused with a Brazilian butt lift, which is a variation of the standard butt lift procedure that involves the addition of liposuction and fat transfer operations to give the but fuller look and adding more volume to the butt. 

What are the Possible Complications of Butt Lift?

Any type of surgery can have the risk of complications, and butt lift being a type of surgical procedure is no exception. Thus, the best person who can discuss the possible complications of a butt lift is your surgeon. There can be many complications that may come with the surgery, and it is recommended that you are made aware of all of them. The purpose of this is not to scare you into backing out, but rather arming you with knowledge in order to be prepared and you know what to do in the event of one of the complications arising from the procedure. While the list can be exhaustive, we will only include the common and less serious complications of butt lift surgery the list below.


The risk and complications of butt lift include the following


  • Excessive bleeding or hematoma - this is one of the complications that can arise due to the complex network of veins and blood vessels in the area around the butt. 


  • Unfavorable scarring - this surgery involves several incisions on the butt skin, and this is something that can’t be controlled most of the time since the incision has to be placed in a certain area to achieve proper tissue repositioning. The resulting scars may be scattered or uneven, but you can discuss this matter with your surgeon beforehand to find options to minimize the post-operative scarring.


  • Anesthesia interaction - your surgeon will ask you several questions about your allergies to certain medications, including anesthesia and the medications that you have been recently taking that can affect the potency of the anesthesia. You may also develop nausea with some types of anesthesia, so include discussing that possibility with your surgeon.


  • Poor wound healing - this is also a common complication since the butt is an area that is frequently in motion and subject to repeated pressure. Your surgeon will discuss with you some aftercare measures and may also recommend some medications to improve wound healing.


  • Persistent pain - pain is a common complication in any surgery. For butt lift surgery, the usual recovery time takes around 4 to 6 weeks before the wounds totally heal and for the pain to generally subside. If you still feel pain after this period, you have to reach out to your surgeon to have it checked.


  • Swelling (edema) or fluid accumulation (seroma) - these complications can happen as with other types of surgery. Any radical changes to the blood vessel connections can take time for the body to reroute blood and water to other blood vessels, which can mean that some blood and water can accumulate around the surgery area for some time. This should subside a few weeks after the surgery, but consult with your surgeon if the swelling or fluid accumulation persists beyond the recovery period.


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How Does Butt Lift Benefit You?

Aging and extreme changes in weight and physique can take its toll on the elasticity of the skin. These factors can cause large amounts of skin in the buttocks to hang loose. While loose, hanging skin is not a health concern, its appearance can adversely affect the self-confidence of women and it can prevent them from enjoying certain outdoor activities where they need to wear loose or skin-baring clothing such as going to the beach, pool parties or simply park walks and biking. A standard butt lift doesn’t involve  much fat removal, as it focuses more on removing excess skin and repositioning the tissue to regain the ideal shape of the buttocks. Thus, before you need to undergo but lift, you should be near or at your ideal weight or body mass index.


Brazilian butt lift on another note, does involve fat reduction from nearby or adjacent parts of the butt and transferring those fats into the butt to give it more volume and fullness. However, there is also a certain limit as to who can undergo this procedure. It should be noted that only a minor liposuction and fat transfer is performed, so do not expect any great reduction of fats in your abdomen or hip area. You will get a noticeably smaller waist and your butt may become rounder and perkier. 


In order to determine if you are a good candidate for a butt lift or a Brazilian butt lift procedure, it is essential to consult your doctor or surgeon about it. You may also need to make certain adjustments to your weight, diet, medication intake and you may also be asked to stop smoking by your doctor if you are a smoker. These preparations can take weeks or months prior to the operation, depending on the assessment of your surgeon.


Cosmetic surgeries such as butt lift and Brazilian butt lift are becoming a trend today because women want a convenient way of achieving the former figure that they once had or achieving the figure that they desired so much. It should be noted that while these surgeries do change the shape of your butts to your desired outcome, your surgeon will still recommend exercise and proper diet to retain that shapely figure for a long time, even through your lifetime. Risks and complications are considered possibilities in any surgery, so weigh your options thoroughly first and discuss with your surgeon about what steps to best take in shaping your butt.