Best Holiday Gifts From The Grandparents

Preserving Your Past with Presents

Skip the gift cards and clothes this year. YURU Studio is offering a gift opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else! YURU Studio caters exclusively to seniors and gives them the chance to share, and save, their stories for generations to come. Eric and Marci Adams work to ensure that seniors’ legacies are upheld and cherished through their innovative YURU experience.

It all starts with an interview where they discuss what makes you, you. In fact, that’s what they stand for. YURU (Why You Are You) is obsessed with revealing seniors’ true selves and capturing it in breathtaking photos and videos. Participants are asked questions regarding their history, values, life lessons they’ve learned, and other topics relevant to their life. The YURU team creates a welcoming and secure atmosphere that allows participants to feel comfortable before jumping in front of the camera.


Next will be the photo and video portion where seniors will be able to capture their voice, stories, emotions, and personality, in a unique video memoir and photographs. The YURU team works with the participant to bring out the authentic emotions provoked from their storytelling and captures their life history during their recording session. Their goal is to capture all the sides of your personality and get real expressions that illustrate the real you. The video is then edited to flow as one seamless story.

In an intimate reveal session, participants are able to view their video and photos. Here is where they see their legacies captured and memorialized for the first time. From there, it can be spread among family and friends as a way to cherish ones’ life story and ensure it continues on for generations. What else could someone want?

This unique way of preserving history can be a perfect present for anyone in your family. Maybe you’d like to participate and share your story with your children and grandchildren. Or maybe you’d like to make it for your siblings as a way to remember mom or dad. The possibilities are endless and the YURU team is available to work with you and your stories. Regardless of who they are for, these photos and videos are guaranteed to be a present they won’t forget. Our aging population is moving quickly and if you don’t act fast, you might miss your opportunity to preserve it while you can. Make an appointment for a free consultation and get camera ready!


Feeling a little camera shy? Here are some options that keep you away from the camera while still capturing your stories.

Memories For My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember

For the grandparent who has a way with words, Memories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember ($15) is a memory book that allows you to write your memoir with guided prompts and questions to fuel your story. Your posterity can look back on your stories, in your own handwriting, for generations to come.



Letters to My Grandchild at Signals | HT9962Letters to My Grandchild

Perhaps you’re a man of few words and believe that less is more. Check out Letters to My Grandchild ($14) which provides you with writing prompts geared towards the future. You’ll give the gift of a lifetime with your wisdom and advice in sealed envelopes which are to be opened at certain milestones in your grandchild’s life. A fool-proof way to ensure you’re with them every step of the way.


C:\Users\Victoria\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\tree.jpgFamily Trees

Family can be a bit messy and complicated. However, a great way to remember your roots is by using a tree! Family Trees are a great way to remember ancestors, extended family, in-laws, and the history tied to your family. Record birthdays, marriages, children, and more with this organized tree chart and preserve your family history for future generations.