Property in Lucknow House for sale in Lucknow

Property in Lucknow House for sale in Lucknow

Lucknow is one of the fastest developing cities in the Northern part of India. Apart from being the capital of Uttar Pradesh, it also serves as the hub for many industries, commercial buildings, residential spaces, malls, and corporate offices. The city is developing at every single sphere especially in the peripheral areas. The urban population in the city is aspiring for quality homes and workspaces and thus there is an increasing demand for well-maintained homes in the city. The demand for multifaceted life in the city has resulted in the emergence of upscale localities and neighborhoods surrounded by lush green space.

Owing to such a rise in real estate demand, the price of a property in Lucknow has risen sharply over the last decade. As a consequence, those who have invested in Lucknow properties are reaping tremendous benefits. The government has also announced a number of schemes such as the PriyadarshiniYojna, Pradhan MantriAwasYojana, New Housing Scheme 2017 etc., to aid in the investment decision of people. With the help of these schemes, people are able to find affordable housing projects in the city under the center’s housing program.

NRIs who wish to invest in Lucknow properties can refer to the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) for new and prudent information about the schemes, launch dates, and other pertinent information on properties in Lucknow. It is not advisable to buy a property that is not LDA approved and NRIs should educate themselves on the latest information pertaining to real estate investment before making their investment. This can be done either through self-research or with the help of expert property research websites like

Top reasons behind choosing Lucknow as the preferred NRI investment destination:

Lucknow was once considered as a Tier 2 city in the country. But the city has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Lucknow is no longer the cities of Nawabs and the center of foodies and heritage. It is now witnessing extensive and massive infrastructural and IT developments. It is also one of the irresistible investment destinations for real estate, especially by NRIs. Some of the growth forecasts that make Lucknow the hub for real estate investments are,

  1. Master Plan 2021:

The master plan 2021 is the plan of bringing about 197 neighboring villages into the fold of a single town and country planning scheme, so as to meet the convenience facilities and housing demands of the increasing population in Lucknow. It has been proposed that by the end of the year 2031, the housing needs of about 65 lakh residents in the state will be met in the form of either residential projects or commercial avenues in the city. Thus, it has been postulated that this is the ideal time to invest in a property in the city of Lucknow as it can reap compelling ROI in the near future.

  1. Rise of extensive commercial establishments:

Some of the areas in Lucknow that are ready to take up the makeover as the new commercial districts in Lucknow are Raebareli road, Faizabad road, Sultanpur, etc. Such developments are in turn expected to push the values of properties in these locations and thus make way for newer residential developments. The city also takes pride as a prominent medical hub with the emergence of many multi-specialty hospitals like MedantaMedi city, Narayana Hrudalaya, Aarogyam, etc.

  1. 105 Km outer ring road:

To meet the growing needs of the dwellers, the government has decided to solve their commuting woes in the form of an outer ring road with a stretch of 105 km. This project is expected to get completed by the year 2021 and will cover about 65 villages. The intention of this road is to streamline the traffic within the city and in the zones surrounding it.

Some emerging projects in Lucknow:

There are a number of apartments and houses for sale in Lucknow that are both in completed and under construction status. Some of the high profile projects that are coming up in this city are available at The website lists some of the best projects in the city area wise and lists the projects along with its price and space details.

The Lucknow real estate sector is highly profitable in a number of organized ways. The city features numerous vacant areas that can be utilized for cutting edge housing ventures. It also features a well-associated street and highway systems such as the Sultanpur expressway, Sitapur roadway, Raebareli street, Kanpur interstate, etc., escalating the real estate in the city to many folds.

The long-awaited Metro project has also been completed in Lucknow enhancing the infrastructure capabilities of the city. Lucknow renders a good mix of real estate properties starting from affordable to luxury and even ultra-luxury residential segments. Almost all of the city developers furnish their properties with robust infrastructure and architectural elegance along with state of the art amenities to attract the larger public.

 NRI investment in Lucknow:

Lucknow is one of the major investment destinations for NRIs. People all over the world wish to invest in this smart city, as their investment is bound to experience better appreciation within a very short time period. The majority of the foreign-based Indians resort to to fulfill their real estate search, not just in Lucknow, but all over the country.

The website arranges properties for rent and for buying in every single city of India and also categorizes them according to the space of the property, its location, cost of the property and also type of property. The website lists properties in Lolai, Arjunganj, Jankipuram, Aliganj, Gomti Nagar, VrindavanYojna and Wzirganj locations, which are also considered the best locations for NRI investments in Lucknow.

There is a property for everyone in the city, on the basis of their budget and taste. One can decide to choose studio apartments, under construction flats, resale apartments, villas and duplex houses at and the buyers can directly contact the owners of the properties through this website without contacting any broker and paying any brokerage.