Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper

Having a well-maintained yard adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house. As per one of the surveys conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, most Americans want their yard to be neatly trimmed and well-maintained. 


Whether your yard is small or big, hiring professional landscaping services in Utah is essential to design your yard in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Many professional landscaping companies in Utah can help with landscape design, development, and maintenance. 


If you’re confused as to which landscape design Utah to choose that would complement your home’s overall outlook, consulting with professional landscaping professionals can prove to be instrumental in getting what you want. The result of any landscaping project depends on the company you hire and its experience and expertise in the field. Here are a few questions you should ask before you go ahead and hire a landscaper in Utah –


Licensed and Insured


The first question to ask the Utah professional landscaper or a landscaping company is whether they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Landscaping jobs often requires moving heavy objects and trees and operating heavy machinery. When the company is licensed and insured, it offloads you off worries about any mishap occurring at your property. 




Ask the landscaping company that you’re considering hiring about their experience and how long they been in the business in Utah. It gives you an insight into their experience and their capabilities of handling your project professionally. Checking the website of the company or visit its office to get an idea of how well-established the company is. 


Are the crew members well-trained and licensed?


Landscaping needs specialty, expertise, and experience, and the crew members of the landscaping company must be well-trained and insured. Having a team of landscape professionals consisting of arborists and horticulturalists ensures better than expected results. 


Project Completion and Timeline


Confirm with the landscaping company in Utah about the project timeline. Ask when the landscaping of your yard would be completed. As the landscaping companies in Utah works on several different projects at the same time, it’s essential to ask if they would be focused on your project until completion before diverting their attention elsewhere. 


You don’t want your yard to be half-completed while the landscaping company commences work elsewhere. It adds to the time the project completion takes, and what can be completed in a couple of weeks takes over a month. 


Plan Drawings


Most of the professional landscaping companies in Utah provide the plan drawings and designs. It allows the clients to envision how their yard or outdoor area would look like once the project is complete. Moreover, it would help you provide your inputs and ask for changes where necessary to ensure the outcome is what you desired. 




Many professional landscapers and landscaping companies in Utah offer a guarantee of a minimum of two years on their work. Some landscapers even provide a guarantee of five years. Do not hesitate to ask about the warranties provided on plants and trees.


Asking these questions would help you land on the professional landscaping company in Utah that is experienced and would provide the results you expect without burning a hole in your pocket. Once you have decided on the company in Utah, ensure that you trust them completely to maintain your yard properly all year round.