Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

Fun and Colorful Shades for Summer

Magenta Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

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Instead of viewing the world in shades of gray on sunny days through dark black lenses, try out Rainbow OPTX sunglasses. Seeing the world in color will improve overall mood and health, and these stylish sunglasses come in ten bright and fun colors, each coming in five different styles of frames for every look and need. The ten different colors have various points of the body that they are designed to help rejuvenate. The colors include:

Magenta Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

This hot pink shade gives a bright, feminine pop of color to your face and focuses on the consecration of life. This is a great color for those seeking balance between their body and their consciousness.  

Rainbow OPTX

Violet Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

This darker purple shade adds a sense of mystery with a burst of color. The color focuses on soothing the senses to clear the mind while portraying a grounded supreme consciousness and self-recognition. This is a great color for those desiring a sense of encouragement, humbleness, and more active dreams.

Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

Indigo Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

The perfect balance between blue and violet can be found in these darker blue spectacles that strive to give the wearer a sense of wisdom while aiding in concentration. This is a great color for those searching for a sedative effect as this color is known for harmonizing the hemispheres of the brain.

Rainbow OPTX

Blue Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

This dark shade of blue is reminiscent of the ocean at dusk and gives the wearer a sense of serenity and connection with inner perception. This is a great color option for those prone to anxiety and feelings of loneliness.