Ready to Grow the Business? You Need a Marketing Company

Marketing ='s Growth


There will come a time when your business reaches a tipping point, a time where your efforts cannot sustain its need for growth. This may happen due to an influx of interest or major contract demanding greater production. Though, it usually happens when you’ve exhausted your marketing skill set.

The early stages of your business growth are easily handled with in-house marketing efforts.

Efforts like:

  • Blogging
  • Social media participation
  • Small-scale PPC ads
  • Search engine optimization

As you progress, you will find your business in competition with stronger players. To overcome barriers you, the business owner, must double down on managing the team and stepping up networking. When you find your time so split between running operations and managing your in-house marketing, you might need to turn to an internet marketing agency.

Factors when selecting an internet marketing agency

Internet marketing agencies are a dime a dozen because anyone with a bit of experience building and ranking sites is quick to jump into this lucrative industry. A good agency, however, will become quite apparent when you find good a firm with proven track records.

What should you look for with these agencies?

  • Timely – They should remain on the cutting edge of the industry, already experimenting with new strategies before they’re mainstream, and keeping you up-to-date with important changes.
  • Proven – They should have and provide detailed case studies of their work that show the challenges the business faced while showing the solutions they delivered.
  • Communication – They need to communicate, effectively, throughout the process of improvements by measuring and reporting changes to the key performance indicators.
  • Reputation – They should have a positive rating with their customers and companies they’ve worked with throughout campaigns to help you understand their commitment and passion.

A good way to cut through the clutter is by talking with customers and learning how the agency planned and delivered results.

Working side-by-side with the agency to grow

Working with an internet marketing agency isn’t completely hands-off. In fact, it would be a red flag if this seems to be the case once agreements are in place. The agency should work alongside your efforts to reinforce the marketing decisions and actions you’re doing in-house.

For example:

You could attend a business expo to draw interest to your brand in a face-to-face environment. At the same time, the agency could promote your attendance at the event through social media campaigns, direct networking on LinkedIn to attendees, and ad campaigns targeting brands present at the expo.

There are many other areas in which you and your agency will work together collaboratively, including:

·  Developing a content strategy to improve organic search rankings

·  Helping them understand the target audience through your experience

·  Identifying competitors and previous bouts with them in market penetration

·  Connecting team members to leverage their work in the campaigns

The point is to maintain some control over what the agency is doing by providing guidance, but letting them use their expertise and stepping back when you don’t 100% understand the nuances of the space. Learn to trust the agency and what they plan to accomplish – but make sure they’re not giving you a run for your money.

This will let you continue in-house operations and while pursuing marketing efforts that leverage the work done by the agency and vice versa. It develops a symbiotic relationship that’s on the path for fantastic growth.

Don’t slide back when You’ve reached the tipping point

It’s called a tipping point because your business could go either way:

  • Forward to sustainability and profitability
  • Backwards to its slow demise and obscurity

Exhausting your marketing skillset can happen quickly, so it’s essential to recognize this moment and pass the torch to a capable team when the time comes.

Will you be the one to backslide your business growth? Or will you push it forward?