Recommendations on How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Many of us are hurting our joints unintentionally by putting too much stress on them throughout the day. There are certain habits that expose our joints to deterioration and damage, if we wish to avoid them, we should take some time to learn about these factors. If you let the issue go unnoticed, at any moment you could rupture your knee or damage your ankle joint.

These are some of the most obvious ways you could be harming your joints.

Shed Some Excess Body Weight

If you are overweight or obese, your joints must carry a lot more weight than they are normally used to. Your joints are used to link bones together, and your body can get sensitive to carrying heavier loads. Your ligaments, joints, and tendons begin to suffer and after a period, miniature cracks start to appear. If you are walking around with excess body weight, you can develop all kinds of painful conditions such as heel spurs, osteoarthritis and bursitis. If you don’t have a healthy BMI, you must take steps to reduce your weight to ease the tension on your joints.

Stop Wearing High Heels

There is no denying that high heels look better with a dinner dress than flat shoes, but they can cause all sorts of problems if you wear them on a regular basis. They tilt your body forward at an uneven angle, causing other muscles and joints to take more force than they are used to.

This additional force starts to build up over time and your joints start to suffer. The higher the heel you wear, the more strain you put on your feet. All your body weight is now concentrated in one location, putting loads on parts of your feet that weren’t designed to take it.

Wear the Right Shoes & Insoles

Don’t keep wearing old, worn out shoes if they can’t properly support your feet. If you wear the wrong type of shoes every day, you won’t just have problems with your feet and ankles, other parts of your body will suffer, that includes joints in your lower back, knees, and hips.

To protect your feet, ankles and knees from pain, wear a good pair of shoes supported by orthotic insoles. Proper footwear and insoles provide a cushion from impact, they also help to stop joint inflammations, pain and strains.

If you want to avoid joint injuries, especially around your foot and ankle, it is imperative that you invest in a custom pair of orthotic insoles. Wearing orthotic insoles is one of the most effective ways to avoid joint problems. The reason they are so good is because they treat the cause of your problem by correcting irregular foot mechanics.

Stay Active

Many people think that moving their joints when they have pain is wrong and they should stay clear of physical activity. Regular exercise increases movement of joint fluid and helps to nourish your joints, it decreases joint pain and lessens the chance of further damage.

Our bodies are designed to move, this is exactly why our joints are in place, they facilitate movement. Taking part in regular bouts of physical activity is great for keeping your joints in shape. Movement reduces joint pain, eases stiffness and strengthens the muscles supporting the joints.

There are many ways to keep your joints healthy, you just have to recognize the signs and protect your joints when they most need it. Look to avoid activities that are known to increase joint pain and always use quality orthotic insoles to provide additional support. Furthermore, you should balance activity and rest, allowing your body to heal after training sessions. Maintaining a healthy body weight is important, as is choosing low-impact exercises if you’re an older adult.