Revamping Interior Design Website Performance By Using These 3 SEO Techniques

So you have decided to create a website for your business. Being the owner of an interior design business is not one of the easiest jobs in the world. There are a lot of competitors that want to take more chunks of the market. More and more businesses are deciding to make a website to promote their products and services.

Soon enough, the site has been built and is up and running for a month. The website's content is excellent, detailed, and original. Interior designs can be fabulous and practical, everything that a prospective client is looking for. The price is also competitive, which is expected to drive the customers to the shop. Locally, the business is thriving because of the word of mouth and praises from very satisfied customers.

However, there is a certain problem not anticipated while building the website. The site has been up for a while, but there is no traffic increase and additional customers. It turns out, Internet advertising is not as easy as it looks because competitors do it too. You'll find yourself needing help from website design services.

Interior Design Website Visibility Problems

Advertising online has been the norm in recent years. Whether the business sells products or offers services, a lot of establishments are turning digital and advertises on the Internet. It is not surprising that competitors also try to utilize this technology to their advantage. Without a good strategy, a website will just float in the sea of websites called the Internet. In order to make a website visible to its customers, one more thing is needed in the equation, and that is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.


Why SEO Matters In Interior Design?

Interior design is one of the markets with a lot of competent professionals and businesses. When all of these professionals and businesses try to sell themselves on the Internet to make their product known, there are a lot of results for the customer to choose from.

Imagine being the customer and being shown different products and services at the same time. He or she will likely pick what caught their attention first; the services or products that he or she needs are offered by everybody. What matters the most in this part is trying to catch the customer's attention.

This is where SEO plays its part. It helps the site's visibility and drives traffic to it. A google search result is where SEO magic takes place. Usually, people who are searching for interior designs click for the top result link and sticks with it. SEO is a set of practices and optimizations that help your site be in that top result. In a more technical term, it helps your site gather traffic by organic results or those results that came from people typing a search term in the Google search bar. It is a good thing because people who usually search for interior designs are usually customers that need your services and are ready to pay for it.

4 SEO Techniques To Make Your Website Visible

1. Use Infographics For Easy Relay Of Information

According to Blake Rubin, a successful online entrepreneur, using infographics are useful when it comes to relaying a complex message. This is because infographics can show a lot of data in a way that is very easy to digest in a short amount of time. Colorful infographics will also boost the willingness to read by eighty percent. Blake Rubin emphasized that in order to get the desired effect, a well-made and high-quality infographics should be used. 

2. Make Your Business Known in Relevant Locations

One of the easiest and most important things to do is to build your presence online. Make your brand present on every part of the Internet possible. One technique that helps to get exposure is by sharing your designs on photo-sharing sites like Pinterest, Flicker, and Instagram because these are great platforms to show your interesting interior designs.

Having a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) is also a good idea. Make sure to always put the link of your site so people who are interested in your products will know where to come.

3. Check your Name, Address, and Phone

Always check that your name, address, and phone numbers on all your Internet accounts, especially in your home and contact pages. It will not only help prospective clients contact you, but it will also help search engines crawl into your site and verify that you're an interior design business. This helps them make you appear on interior design-related searches and which makes your company more visible for prospective customers.

4. Keywords Are SEO's Holy Grail

In SEO, the keyword is one of the most important factors of success. By using the right keywords in your SEO practice, your site will be found more in search engines. However, this is one of the trickiest parts of implementing SEO because this is usually where the guesswork begins. There are free tools such as Google Trends which can help you determine the best keyword to be used in your site. Make sure to use keywords that are heavily connected to your business.