Review: Sunny Jim's Sea Cave Store in La Jolla

An oddity shop unique to locals and tourists alike.

Photo by: Igor & Lana Dovbenko of

An Aladdin’s cave for the curious and historically minded lies hidden by the ocean sea. An oddity, a spectacle of sight and sound beckons to the discerning. The Cave Store, arguably one of the most unique and oldest stores in La Jolla, sits directly above Sunny Jim’s Cave—one of 6 caves that can be entered by water. The Cave Store, however, is the only sea cave that can be entered from and. For a small fee, visitors can descend into an under-world existence by the staircase, surrounded by celestial colors daubed in purples, pinks, and reds. These beautiful colors seep into the cave’s epidermis from the stains left behind by iron oxide in mineral deposits. The store maintains almost untouched like it did almost a century ago, but now it sells shiny wares, shells, jewelry, and clothing to the inquisitive. Located on 1325 COAST BLVD LA JOLLA.