The Garland Lodge & Golf Resort Review

From gorgeous courses to rustic lodging, the Garland has it all.

Garland Lodge & Golf Resort

The Garland Lodge Resort in Lewiston, Michigan is a golf getaway that takes your breath away. When you pass under the log bridge after driving for 30 minutes and seeing nothing but trees, arriving here feels like you have stepped back in time to days of lumberjacks and reindeer.

Beautiful Golf Courses

This is the absolute strength of this resort. The four courses onsite all offered a completely unique experience with their own type of challenges. Swamp Fire features water on almost every single hole. Monarch is literally cut from the trees, giving up little forgiveness if you stray from the fairway. The Fountains course has an elegance with water and breath taking elevated tee box views. We were not able to play Reflections, but hear that it is a club and area favorite. The pro shop features a large variety of both men's and women's clothing with an impressive shoe shining service onsite from a very friendly staff.  


Exceptional Lodging Options

So many choices make Garland a great destination for couples, groups and business meetings alike. Their accommodation choices allow you to chose from nice lodge rooms connected right to the main dining and hotel entrance or log cabins onsite that give you seclusion to break away from the crowd at the end of the day. We were able to spend time with a large group that retreats here every year for training and see the space they were able to use for social time in the evening giving us a real grasp on how accommodating Garland Resort is for business retreats.

Delicious Dining Experiences

With a simple menu Garland has done a stand up job of offering menu items that they are able to deliver. Their friendly staff will make you feel right at home and serve up some of the best stories to go along with your food. The amazing outdoor "tiki deck" and large stone fireplace give you an entirely fresh air experience looking over the resorts beautiful putting green and Fountains Course 18th Hole green. 


Other Amenities

Our tour was headed by the General Manager himself, showing us the history of the entire resort. You feel that the people working here really love this place. It is truly hospitality at it’s best. A personal warm welcome from “Roach," head of security, who happens to live nearby on the course, gives you the feeling you are in the North Pole and Santa himself is greeting you with a friendly smile and poetic stories and lines. Be sure to take a tour to the bald eagles nest with “Coach,” a retired tennis coach that has been at the resort for 20+ years. As he hands you a written history lesson about eagles that his Grandson compiled, and shares his binoculars, you certainly feel like you are welcome here. 

Geographic Sites

The area is nestled in the middle of the woods, but an attached private airport allows for easy transportation from private charters. A nearby Elk sanctuary offers opportunities for a sneak peek at some of the area's largest attractions.

Watch our video review to experience the best that the Garland Lodge Resort has to offer.

Garland Lodge Resort
4700 North Red Oak Road
Lewiston, MI 49756
Phone: (877) 442-7526