Ricardo Breceda's Sculptures Capture The Heart & Mind

Breathtaking sculptures you have to see, to believe!

Dinosaur sculpture

When Ricardo Breceda was designing his daughter’s birthday gift fifteen years ago, he did not envision embarking on a new journey and earning nicknames like “The Picasso of Steel” and “The Accidental Artist.” Passion, perseverance and superior craftsmanship have made this gifted man a world–renowned artist. 

Viewing Breceda’s magnificent sheet–metal sculptures up close is like walking through a time machine. It is a rare opportunity to see wild, ancient creatures like the Saber Tooth Cat and the Columbian Mammoth who once roamed the earth. Some of the more lighthearted creations depict a gold miner with his mule and a World War II military jeep.

The 53–year–old artist grew up on a small ranch in his native Mexico. As a youngster, Breceda enjoyed riding horses and rounding up cattle and developed excellent work ethic across a variety fields, from selling ice cream to shining shoes.

After teaching elementary school in Mexico for two years, Breceda vacationed in Southern California and decided to relocate. He began working at local restaurants and later engaged in construction work until he injured his back. Thanks to his familiarity with horses, Breceda was able to earn a living by selling high–quality cowboy boots at horse races.

But his life took a significant turn when he asked his daughter what she wanted for her 7th birthday and she replied, “a big T–Rex like the one in Jurassic Park.” Immediately, he accepted the challenge. Things would never be the same.

With help from a friend, Breceda used scrap metal, wire and a welding machine to create a T–Rex that was 19 feet tall and 45 feet long with vicious teeth. His first sculpture took 11 months to complete. Not only did he manifest immense love for his daughter, he also discovered a hidden talent.

When the gigantic figure was installed in front of the artist’s home in Paris, California, curious visitors clustered around the spectacular piece for a closer look. Due to his home’s close proximity to a busy freeway, the T–Rex was quite visible to passing motorists. Word quickly spread to the local TV stations and newspapers.

“Overnight, I became a celebrity,” Breceda says with a laugh. “I saw the joy in people when they gathered around the T-Rex and told myself why not make a few more? But at the time, I never thought of making it a business because I was making a good living selling cowboy boots.”

After two years of creating steel sculptures, he needed more space and cash so he turned his passion and talent into a thriving business and started selling his art. “More and more, people wanted to buy the pieces so I said, why not?”

Most of the welding and sculpting is done inside his shop in Mexico. But not all of his creations are enormous; Breceda also designs smaller figurines”. 

Breceda also designs smaller figurines that blend well into the desert landscape and can be used as garden decor. But for the massive sculptures, he has several assistants.

“On some pieces, me and my crew work around the clock to finish it. I aspire to make every piece look alive and give it a soul,” he said.

When asked how he gets inspired, Breceda replied, “I design what my customers want or just whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes, I get ideas from a magazine or a book.”

To date, Breceda has created over 500 world–class metal art pieces; 133 of these sculptures, including the legendary 350–foot Sea Serpent, are anchored into the grounds of Anza–Borrego Desert State Park in Borrego Springs, California. His rustic steel sculptures are showcased in 20 countries, including Australia, Germany, Canada, China and Mexico.

As an artist, Breceda has been recognized by various media and organizations, including National Geographic, San Diego’s Museum of Natural History and KPBS. Biographer and historian Diana Lindsay wrote a book, Ricardo Breceda –Accidental Artist, describing the artist’s unique life story.

Today, Breceda continues to create and sell sculptures. His clients include city governments, casinos and museums. The artist’s humility and generous spirit are as impressive as his exceptional talent and illustrious career.

“There is no greater joy than seeing the amazing facial expressions on people when they see my sculptures, especially the kids. They make my day.” To learn more about the artist and his sculptures, please visit ricardoabreceda.com