Rockland Bakery of Nyack, New York

A bakery window featuring an assortment of baked goods on tiered stands.

Photo Used With Permission

Rockland Bakery 

This cute little bakery is known to fulfill many orders throughout New York State and the tri-state area. I first found out about Rockland Bakery when I was working at The College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York. Each morning, we would receive a fresh delivery of bread that would be used for students' meals. I never knew where the factory was actually located until my older sister informed me that this is where she buys her bagels and rolls and customers are able to walk right into the bakery area to pick their items.

I was simply amazed and in heaven when I first saw the bakery myself. The production line must have had at least thirty to forty guys rotating product in the oven and on the machine belt. The machine belt had to honestly be one of my favorite things walking into the bakery itself. Hundreds of rolls, bagels, pretzels, challah bread, pumpernickel, and so many other kinds of breads were being dumped onto the cooling racks. It was amazing to see that the bread I was soon going to be putting into a brown bag and taking home was baked fresh just minutes before. Can I also say, this wonderful smell had consumed my car as well. It was as though I hopped into the oven with the breads being baked!

Before I reached my hands into the bag of warm, delicious breads, I remember looking to my sister and telling her how excited I was. Excited? Yes! Breads class during my college years was not my favorite; but throughout my career, I have learned to enjoy the craft of bread makingI love making bread and kneading the dough through my hands. Quite frankly, it is simply therapeutic for me; it calms the soul.

As each production worker rolled the racks to where customers could enjoy this deliciousness, I was gnawing on a pretzel and enjoying the heavenly experience. Bread is my weakness and being able to experience a production facility as large as Rockland was incredible. To this day it is one of my favorite places and one of my favorite things to do early in the morning.

Waking up with crust in your eyes and driving to this bakery is something I never want to give up. And it's a place that I will share with everyone. Rockland Bakery is a beautiful place that produces great, fresh, baked goods! They truly do not disappoint! If you are up for some delicious bread at 6 a.m., then this trip is right up your alley! Go and enjoy a bakery that produces more than just bread, but a real foodie experience. Trust me, you will NOT regret it.