Room Humidifier: Things to Consider


During winter, people experience dryness of their skin, congested sinuses, chapping of their lips, and dry coughs. These have been a common experience in cold countries due to the lowering of humidity levels and an inadequate amount of moisture in the air. And to prevent these circumstances, having a room humidifier is well-recommended. These devices are created to keep the moisture in normal levels by transforming the water into vapor and make the room a calm and relaxing space.


However, similarly to any other device, room humidifiers are required to be cleaned regularly to avoid any health risks. Humidifiers that are filthy can breed molds and bacteria causing condensation on the walls and transformation viruses. In light of this, below are some more concepts people need to know regarding these devices.


Types of humidification processes

To generate the moisture and stream, room humidifiers use two various types of processes including ultrasonic and evaporative. As an overview, the evaporative process is considered as the most common and cheap one. This is used for humidifier models that produce cool and warm mist.


On the other hand, the ultrasonic process is a little expensive than the other because it creates a finer mist of water vapor. Similarly to the evaporative process, this is commonly used for warm and cool mist humidifier models and is considered to be safer because the mist it produces is not made from the boiling water.



In buying a room humidifier, it is important to primarily determine the exact room size to know what humidifier could cover the area. As such, if the device is larger than the size of the room, then condensation could happen especially on the in-windows. This causes bacteria and mildews to grow which risks the health of people present in the room. To avoid this, people must find an appropriate and safe humidifier like Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier and check all the labels on the packaging.


Cool and warm Mist

As mentioned, the types of room humidifiers vary depending on the mist they produce. A device that transforms a cool-mist has the same temperature as the room while the warm mist humidifier primarily boils the water before dispersing it into the air. Between these two, the latter type has an advantage because it kills off bacteria and mold making the air safer to breathe. However, some individuals feel that cool-mist is safer and better especially when children are present.



Although room humidifiers are considered not a necessity, it is still very beneficial to one’s home. Like Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, these devices make the air clean and pure and keep the level of moisture normal and appropriate. And since hundreds of types and models are sold in the market today, people should make sure to find the best room humidifier based on their design, portability, effectiveness, and compatibility. If they can find a proper and reliable device, health risk and other physical hazards will be lessened.