SDMT Director Jeremy Scott Lapp Presents "First Date"

Director Jeremy Scott Lapp Talks Theatre and His New Production "First Date"

Director Jeremy Scott Lapp Comes to San Diego Musical Theatre

It’s showtime for director Jeremy Scott Lapp, and the script calls for a quirky romance with a whole lot of singing and dancing. 28 years in the industry may very well be enough to consider Lapp a master of his craft; from touring the globe to working on Broadway, Lapp seldom takes a day off from his day job––or should we say dream job.

Thinking back to a 5th birthday, the memories are probably fuzzy, if not entirely gone, but for Lapp, his first memories begin on the stage. With grandparents who were frequent theatre attendees (particularly of the Starlight Bowl) Lapp grew accustomed to the mystical world of theatrics. At only five years old he was already performing with the Youth Theatre and continued to do so to the age of 19.

As the legend of showbiz has it, the likelihood of being a starving actor is greater than the likelihood of making it to the big time, so with that, Lapp chose to pursue a career in graphic design following graduation from high school. Having grown a deeply rooted love for the stage, it wasn’t long before he came to realize that something was missing. “Man, I just really missed the theatre,” Lapp reminisces, his passion evident. Taking a chance on the unknown, Lapp followed his heart, which led him back to the place he felt most at home: the theatre.

San Diego Musical Theatre

With wind in his sail, he began working with various local theatre companies, including the nationally-acclaimed La Jolla Playhouse, and the historic Old Globe Theatre. Here, Lapp has directed countless productions and worked in reading workshops. It was the production of Bonnie & Clyde that would lead Lapp to the place that most theatre lovers only dream of: Broadway.  

Working as Associate Director, he cheerfully recalls, “[I] went to see shows in New York all the time, walked through Times Square, through a stage door… that was amazing." Lapp has since seen the likes of New York and Broadway many times and has gained an understanding of what to expect in the Big Apple. “It’s the same work [done there] as in San Diego, just with a bigger budget,” he assures us with a playful laugh. Lapp's unique style of directing can be seen in each play he touches, though he can’t quite put his finger on it. “People have told me that they can see my hand in shows, so there’s something about my style. I’m just not sure what it is,” he grins modestly.

San Diego Musical Theatre

Hot off of Broadway and written by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, Lapp's newest musical theatre production First Date is a San Diego must-see. A seven character cast highlights the obscurity of first dates and how hilariously wrong (or right) they can go. First Date is a lighthearted romantic-comedy that takes place over the course of one evening and features moments of tension with ex-lovers. San Diego Musical Theatre actors have been working with Lapp tirelessly to bring this feel-good production to the eyes of San Diegans on the stage of Horton Grand Theatre. This is the perfect date night in the Gaslamp Quarter for everyone from married couples to new acquaintances. Behind the scenes, the cast trains upwards of 5 hours a day doing 10–15 pages of blocking, reading, and exploring to seamlessly put all of the pieces together. Tickets are available at San Diego Musical Theatre.

As if Jeremy Scott Lapp wasn’t busy enough, he will soon be whisked away to North Carolina for Sweeny Todd, followed by New York and San Francisco for The Prince of Egypt with Universal. Lapp encourages locals to attend a show to support theatre. An inspiration to those who dedicate their life to the arts, Lapp offers one final word of encouragement: “I get to travel and meet new people. That’s so cool! I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” he states, sitting comfortably in his rehearsal space. And with that, the curtain closes.

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