Melanie White giving tip on signs of stress that show on your skin.

Feeling stress has become part of our everyday life for most, due in part to the fast pace life we live and technology. Getting 100+ emails a week to read or delete, working maybe multiple jobs, raising kids or dogs and everything that goes into that, running a household, social media addiction and squeezing in social activities - it can be exhausting.

Stress shows up in many ways, and one thing is for sure - You Can’t Hide It! You see it in your skin, eyes, hair, and nails. Did you know it also affects some people’s personality? Often times, stress affects sleep which in turn contributes to a lack of energy, foggy thoughts and you may not be your bubbly self.

Learning to manage your stress is the best thing you can to do for yourself on so many levels. This includes eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, do your best to zen out by taking a yoga class or meditating and overall making it a priority to take care of yourself.

Signs of How Stress can Affect Your Skin and Expert Advice to Improve Your Skin

Bags Under-Eye: Bags under eyes, mild swelling or puffiness under your eyes are common as you age. The tissue around your eyes; including some of the muscles supporting your eyelids, weaken allowing fluids to accumulate in the space below your eyes, adding to the swelling. Some symptoms can include mild swelling, saggy or loose skin and dark circles.

The skin under your eyes is thin and fragile, and if not careful, it is easy to damage the skin making it weaker. Lack of upkeep can lead to even larger bags, which means removing makeup before you go to sleep. Using a good quality makeup remover, a medical grade cleanser and moisturizer and a spot treatment for the bags like HD Rescue Vit-K Cream will make a world of difference.

Not getting enough sleep and eating salty foods is a huge contributing factor of having bags under your eyes. Addressing what is keeping you up at night is where you need to begin and making the lifestyle changes necessary to create a peaceful nights sleep.

Some sure-fire ways to improve bags under your eyes:

Cold Compress - Applying cold to the area can help the blood vessels constrict quickly for some temporary relief. Some DIY options include chilled teaspoons, cool cucumber, wet washcloth or bag of frozen vegetables.

Caffeine Tea Bags - The caffeine in tea contains powerful antioxidants and may increase blood flow to your skin. It is also said to protect against UV rays and slow the aging process. Apply caffeinated tea bags under your eyes to help with dark circles and bags.

Stay Hydrated - It may not be surprising that dehydration can contribute to under-eye bags. Did you know that water makes up about 60% of your body weight? So upping your water intake is an easy an inexpensive way of improving this condition.

Change Your Sleeping Position: It is recommended to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your stomach or side are thought to increase the chances of eye-bag development. These positions promote fluid collections under the eyes during sleep.

Dry, Flaky Skin: If you have dry or flaky skin, there is a good chance you are dehydrated. The first step to improve this skin condition is to start drinking more water. In the winter it takes more effort to make sure your daily water intake is enough, as it is colder and we tend to want hot drinks like coffee and tea.

Be careful with caffeine drinks, as they can add to the issue of dehydrating your skin. Create your own flavored water by adding lemon, berries and fresh herbs like basil to your water, which helps with your desire to keep drinking water throughout the day and has little to no calories. Herbal, decaffeinated teas are also a great option and come in so many wonderful flavors.

Professional Recommendations: To amplify your skincare results, we suggest using Medical Grade Strength Skincare Products, as part of your complete regimen. ALWAYS finish with a SPF Sunscreen with zinc and UV-absorbers protects from UVA/UVB, even on a cloudy day.

Cleanser: HD Gentle Creamy Cleanser
Serum: HD Restore Glowing Skin Serum
Moisturizer: HD Perform Multi-Complex Skin Brightening Creme
Sunscreen: HD DEFEND SPF 36

Did you know that water makes up about 60% of your body weight?

A healthy alternative is to juice with celery and add a little ginger or fresh herbs or an orange to give it some flavor. Celery juice is full of fiber, magnesium, and potassium, which is essential for regularity, bone and heart health. This simple vegetable is mostly water, which means it is low in calories - A true trifecta of a juice...Health Benefits...Hydrating...Low in Calories. Check out the healing benefits of celery juice by the Medical Medium and testimonials

Allergies: Can be a causing factor to puffy swollen skin and dark circles under your eyes. Allergies can cause itchy watery eyes and runny noses and create havoc to your face. This reaction is caused by your immune system’s response to something that is an irritated your body.

If you know there is a good chance your suffering from allergies, it may be a good idea to ask your doctor about taking allergy testing and an over-the-counter allergy medication You will also want to avoid those things that bring on allergy symptoms like soaps, detergents or animals.

Retinol Cream: Retinol creams are used for a variety of skin issues including Acne, Psoriasis, Aging and Shrinking Certain Cancers and come in a cream, gel or liquid form. Retinol helps to improve visible signs of aging, such as lines and wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, loss of elasticity, and enlarged pores.

When applied to the skin, retinol can improve collagen deficiency. You can find over the counter products; however, stronger creams from your Aesthetician or your Dermatologist is well worth the investment.

Addressing what is keeping you up at night is where you need to begin and making the lifestyle changes necessary to create a peaceful night's sleep.

HD VIBRANT RETINOL ADVANCED + Product is what celebrity Aesthetician Melanie White has created for her clients and can be ordered online. This Wrinkle and Skin Tone Corrector Is a concentrated anti-aging serum with retinol, phospholipids, and glycolipids. Visibly firms skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores. Fades age spots and evens skin tone. Lipids help restore moisture barrier and minimize any dryness or peeling from retinol.


● Increases luminosity and evens skin tone

● Helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

● Helps increase facial volume

● Improves skin smoothness, and lessens roughness and scaly patches

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Advanced Retinol combines retinol with bioidentical phospholipids and glycolipids to provide lipid moisture replacement along with the benefits of 0.5% retinol.


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At the end of the day, having confidence in your own skin is truly the asset you want to feel your best.

It will be a commitment of your time and investment, in scheduling regular skincare habits; however, like anything you work hard towards achieving, the payoff is so sweet!

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