Safety Precautions Before Leaving Your Home To Hunt


Hunting is a dangerous game whether we choose to believe it or not, involving camouflage, loaded weapons, other hunters, and a whole lot of risk. These are a few reasons as to why we have to take some safety precautions before we even leave the house to embark on our hunt. 


Below, are some of what we think should be common knowledge for all. 


Do You Know Your Hunting Area? 

Planning ahead is one of the best ways you can reduce risk whilst out on your trip, regardless if you have been in the area before. Hunting in a brand new area without knowing the terrain and some small landmarks is the first way to find yourself in trouble. It’s essential to check out the area and do some research first to enable you to find your bearings and understand where you are at all times. Getting lost in the woods for hours is not what you want when your supplies are running low and it’s getting late.

Gun Safety 


Owning a firearm isn’t as simple as point and click, there are many things you need to do when owning a firearm to ensure the safety of not only yourself but the others around you.
The main thing to think about is keeping your gun safe and understanding it’s true capabilities. Many hunters don’t know the true potential of the weapon in their hands so make sure you’ve had plenty of practice before going into a public place where the lives of others may be at risk, even a 22 rifle can travel up to one and a half miles. Moreover, it’s immensely important to keep your firearm safe. This involves regular services and ensuring you’re cleaning your gun after every use. Failure to do so will result in mechanical failures and misfires which leads to the next point. 


Understanding what to do when your firearm doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, we should always treat a misfired weapon as live and could discharge at any moment, so understanding what to do when this happens is hugely important. Keeping a firearm is a lot of responsibility especially when it comes to storage. It is advised to have a safe in your drawer for any firearm that’s small enough to fit in your desk. Not only will your firearm be stored in an ideal environment, but only you will have access to it. This goes for larger firearms as well like hunting rifles. Safes can range from wall cabinets to an entire room for your collection. There are also some storage ideas that are concealed conveniently in certain pieces of furniture that hide it from the naked eye.

Do You Have The Right Clothing? 

Gone are the days where you can be completely invisible amongst the trees and bushes. This isn’t to spoil the fun, believe it or not, it’s for your safety. In 43 states it’s required by law for all hunters to wear orange clothing known as ‘hunter orange’ or ‘blaze orange’ due to its effectiveness to the human eye. Don’t worry though, it’s common knowledge that deer cannot see the bright colors when you’re deep in the forest. The amount of orange you’re wearing will depend on which state you are hunting in, so it’s best to find out from local sources how much you have to clad yourself in before stepping out into the wild!

Now we have the color down, have you planned ahead and looked at the weather? The last thing you want when lining up a shot is for the heavens to open and a storm to move in, only to find out you haven’t brought your outer coat or anything to keep you warm. The hour-long trek back to the truck is looking bleak now, isn’t it? Check the weather, see how the temperature will vary during the day and ensure you have everything needed to stay comfortable no matter what happens. 


Who Knows You’re Going On A Hunt?


The worst thing that can possibly happen when you’re out, especially if you’re on your own, is finding yourself in a life-threatening situation. Luckily we live in an age where the majority of us own a cell phone and signal covers vast areas, enabling us to make phone calls from near enough anywhere. But what happens when the signal doesn’t cover the remote area you’ve decided to hunt in? What happens when you forgot to charge your mobile phone before leaving the house or the battery has simply run out? This is why letting a few people know you’re going out is an important habit to learn. 


Let people know: 


  • When you’re leaving 

  • Where you’re parking the truck

  • The area you’re hunting 

  • How long you’re going for 

  • Estimated arrival time (home) 


A few text messages could be the difference between a silly mistake, and a serious hospital trip. 


Poor preparation leads to poor performance, make sure you’re taking all the precautions before leaving the house to embark on your hunt, it could be the difference between life and death.