Samsung the Frame TV: the Customizable Art Television


Home decoration comes in several other variations, but all of it has the same purpose: to enhance the beauty of our home. An item comes along every now and then that is beautifully designed and functions surprisingly well - and this is where Samsung the Frame TV comes in. At first glance, it will just look like a stunning piece of artwork which is framed; however, it is also a state-of-the-art smart TV. It is a TV when it is turned on and art when it is turned off. 

Samsung the Frame TV is amazing in its own right, albeit a bit on the expensive side. With the ambient modes of its screens and cable tidying solutions, Samsung has exerted quite a great effort over the previous couple of years to design a TV which is not just an entertainment hub for your living room, but also a furniture item that is appealing on its own right.

Engineered to be wall-mounted, Samsung has associated with galleries and collections all around the world to take renowned works of art to its Samsung the Frame TV as part of its catalog of screensavers. When it is put in a standby mode, rather than just being presented with a black vacant screen, you can display your chosen artwork or photos instead. Now, the TV will suddenly act as both an artwork and a gadget at the same time. 

The Need to Have the Samsung the Frame TV

The Frame is only intended for people who really relishes a very well-designed home and who would not want to waste a nice wall space. Regardless of whether it is placed among several other pieces of art in a gallery or setting itself as the centerpiece, Samsung the Frame TV adds style and a functional element to a room. The option to personalize the picture on the screen is its best feature.

The Cost and the Availability

Samsung the Frame TV is available in a variety of dimensions such as 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and a 49-inch size, which is the new one for 2019. While the selling prices have yet to be confirmed, you can get a sense of the price just by looking at the last year's models that started at $1300 for the 43-inch model and up to $2800 for the 65-inch edition. You will also need to cough up for a $4.99 monthly subscription to take advantage of the library of artworks that power the Art Mode of the TV. 

The Design

The design of Samsung the Frame TV is as much part of its charm as the quality of the image it produces as a regular TV. It is intended to slip unassumingly onto a wall, and to make that easy, Samsung provides a lot of intelligent little touches.

For starters, it showcases bezels that can be easily customized. You will be able to select from one of five distinct bezel finishes such as black, white, grey, light brown and dark brown wood finishes that make it look frame-like when it is hung on the wall.

The Samsung Company is making a huge effort to make the Samsung Frame TV wall mounting a wise option for customers. It packs with each set of the frame in a "gap-free" wall mounting system, allowing it to hang without jutting at an angle or leaving space on your wall.

The screen also includes the One Connect cabling scheme from Samsung. This uses only one clear cable that leaves the TV and connects to a different link box that houses power, USB and HDMI connections. Even before taking Art Mode into consideration, you are already left with a very discreet design.

Quality of the Picture

With the Samsung the Frame TV, the Art Mode is what you are really seeking after and with the 2019 designs it looks better than ever. Now they are integrating a 4K QLED panel, which is rich with levels of color and contrast.

By using the company's QLED display technology, Samsung the Frame TV provides far richer brightness which is averaging at 4000 nits for brighter High dynamic range displays, while colors appear much more vibrant than on last year's models. However, it is still not quite a match for the normal QLED line-up image quality, let alone the Q950R 8K model which is a show-stopping. But the modification of this year sees it is moving away from the feeling of novelty that past versions have endured.

Samsung the Frame TV’s Smart Features

When it comes to smart features, Samsung is definitely not left behind from all its rivals. Every TV worth it's salt these days wants help for a voice assistant to regulate volume, channel changes, and other features of all kinds. Most companies need assistance from the two large names in smart home control operators. While Samsung set also promotes these operators, it also incorporates its own Bixby voice helper. Like with its rivals, Bixby can be commanded through the Frame TV to tweak smart home gadgets, such as the brightness of attached lighting or site thermostat temperature.

However, in television viewing circumstances, Bixby can go one better, trawling metadata to create all content providers piped into your smart television a universal search engine. Ask for a display and Bixby will be able to give it to you, no matter what source it comes from.

The Sound

Samsung the Frame TV invests in AI tech across its spectrum to enhance audio efficiency, tuning televisions based on their surroundings and customizing output based on its knowledge of the show or movie.


The 2019 Samsung Frame TV looks like a very special set, exceptional among the other brands. It is committed to accommodating the industrial design and setting it apart by its access to hundreds of artwork screensavers. If a TV is just as much a fashion statement as an entertainment hub for you, Samsung the Frame TV is definitely worth a look with the enhanced QLED panel technology.