San Diego Art Exhibit Hurls Local Talent Into The Spotlight

Art piece on display at The Studio Door's "50 To Watch"

Photo provided with permission

50 To Watch Shares its Artistic Love in North Park


Located in the heart of San Diego’s up-and-coming neighborhood of North Park, The Studio Door is an eclectic art gallery demonstrating inclusivity and accommodation to the arts. The gallery director and fellow artist, Patric Stillman founded The Studio Door to promote local artists and provide a platform from which to showcase their work. More than just a gallery, The Studio Door operates as an art ‘incubator’ complete with a main viewing gallery, art studios where artists have ample room to create and business consultation services to assist marketplace-ready artists.


For its third year, The Studio Door is hosting “50 To Watch,” an exhibit showcasing 50 local artists. Stillman says he found it necessary to celebrate the talent he has seen through his years at The Studio Door so he founded this biennial event.  A proponent of equal representation, Stillman believes San Diego’s art community is under-represented compared to our neighbors to the north, Los Angeles and San Francisco. “50 To Watch” is proof that San Diego can play ball.

Pieces are submitted by local artists then selected based on technique, skill and delivery. Art selected is then displayed and available for purchase for the duration of the exhibit. To ensure talented artists in North County aren’t excluded, The Studio Door has partnered with the Escondido Arts Partnership which will be displaying half of the selected works. All selected artwork from participating artists will be compiled into a catalog and sent to 1500 galleries across the country.


“50 To Watch” has and will continue to increase the visibility of local talent. This exhibit has granted a long-awaited platform to artists who, in pursuit of art, toiled and created without one for too long. Thanks to the dedication of Patric Stillman, The Studio Door and all associated contributors, local artists can make their mark in the world of art.


“50 To Watch” is currently on display until March 25 at the following:

The Studio Door

3750 30th Street

San Diego, CA




Escondido Arts Partnership

262 Grand Ave

Escondido, CA