Top 10: Crossfit San Diego Gyms To Get You Physically Fit

These crossfit gyms in San Diego will help you melt fat quick

San Diego happens to be one of the most physically fit cities in the U.S. and after seeing all the gyms and health club options available in our city, there is no wonder why Crossfit is all the rage. Typical workouts at the gym just don’t seem to be providing individuals with the results they desire.

Confused about what Crossfit is? Basically, it’s a high–intensity workout that focuses on all parts of your body. These routines are not individualized, but there are different levels. Cardio, core workouts, flexibility and weight training are all areas that will be included in a Crossfit class.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best Crossfit gyms in San Diego.

1. Crossfit Invictus

​1446 Columbia St, San Diego, ca | (619) 231-3000 | Online

​Highly regarded as the best crossfit in San Diego, people from all walks of life come to Invictus for training, whether they are doctors, lawyers or mothers! Not only does Invictus provide awesome hands–on group workouts, but they also have a published book entitled The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness. They provide their members with the tools necessary to succeed in the fitness world. Located in downtown. 

2. Barry's Bootcamp 

The Hub - Hillcrest Market, 1220 Cleveland Ave, San Diego, CA | (619) 906-4455 | Online

Barry’s Bootcamp claims to offer The Best Workout in the World. They take pride in the fact that all of their classes are different, as every day of the week has a new focus, such as “butt and legs” or “full body.” Models, celebrities and Olympic athletes have all turned to Barry’s in the hopes of getting fit. Not to mention, their crossfit equipment in the city. Classes are offered either in bulk or through various memberships. One individual class is $22, while a month–long membership is $295, which allows for 40 workouts in 30 days. Talk about a great deal!

3. Xplicit Fitness 

4780 Mission Gorge Pl, San Diego, CA | (619) 281-0800 | Online

This fitness studio is known for its innovative and challenging classes. It is a place to gain athletic experience and to improve your overall being. Whether you are in need of putting on weight, losing it or gaining muscle, Xplicit Fitness will be able to help you. Right now is the time to try out this studio, since they're currently offering amazing deals! They have a price reduction of 33% for their monthly memberships, which are now just $225.

4. CrossFit San Diego

867 14th St | (619) 356-8174 | Online

This crossfit gym does not mess around when it comes to their workouts and facility. They promise that they are unlike normal gyms, as the focus of their studio is solely on the workout. Distractions are also limited, as large televisions, mirrors and tiny dumbbells are guaranteed to not be here. This studio is offering an amazing deal at the moment: $75 for $100 deal!

5. San Diego Core Fitness

4580 Alvarado Canyon Rd #F2 | (858) 386-3145 | Online

This fitness group offers several different types of boot camps, personal training regimens and nutritional programs. These all take place in different locations, such as Mission Bay and Morley Field. The workouts are military influenced, promising an intense workout with guaranteed results. Their introductory packages cannot be beat! An 18 pack of boot camps is only $35!

6. NXPT Fitness Studio

8148 Ronson Rd | Online

NXPT’s boot camp is unlike any other existing class in San Diego. The boot camp offered here is a high–intensity cross–training program that is open to people of all levels of fitness. For people who want to switch up their workout routines, other classes include core conditioning, yoga, personal training and more! New members have a great deal to take advantage of right now…10 classes for $10!

7. Crossfit 858

7630 Miramar Rd #2500 | (858) 566-4500 | Online

CrossFit 858 is a select workout facility with exclusive membership packages. Individuals in search of positive energy and devoted coaches will find 858 to be the perfect fit! Far from being boring and repetitive, members will be pushed to new levels they never knew they were capable of attaining! The first week at 858 is FREE!

8. CrossFit Fortius

​4903 Morena Blvd #1206 | (858) 255-8378 | Online

When you hear the term CrossFit, you automatically know that the workout crosses multiple forms of exercise. At Fortius, each WOD (workout of the day) is led by professional coaches in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Due to the environment, it is very easy to make connections with fellow members. This then gives people the extra push they need to show up the next day! FREE first week!

9. Cal–a–Vie

29402 Spa Haven Way, Vista, CA | (760) 945-2055 | Online

Looking for something more short term? Cal–a–Vie Health Spa offers boot camp services catered to each individual’s needs. Not only will you be put through high–intensity workouts, but you also have the option to add on other packages during your stay! Spa, cuisine, nutrition, golf and mind–body–spirit packages are also offered. The 3–night package is typically $4,395 for one person, but a second guest gets to stay for half–price! The perfect getaway for friends and couples!

10. Performance 360

1010 Santa Clara Pl | (619) 800-2774 | Online

Performance 360 offers numerous classes ranging from goal–specific to all–around programs. Their “daily program” is the most popular class, as 90% of their members do this every day. Weight loss, muscle gain and strength are goals that will be met every time you step into the gym!