San Diego Fashion Stylists Top 5

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Vanessa Valiente

She started her career with styling television shows and commercials, then expanding to editorials and catalogues, while focusing on personal styling and V-style, her fashion blog, took Vanessa to the top of her field of work. What makes Vanessa different from other stylists is her thorough consultation which is complimentary, her efficient service, and before each shopping appointment, she arrives an hour earlier to pull all the items her client will try on in the store. Super busy and usually booked 1 to 3 months in advance, Vanessa doesn’t grow her client base using social media at all. “I have been the number one stylist for so long, standing out is not a problem. When someone is looking to work with me, transparency is key. I have a FAQ page on my website to make sure I am the right stylist for them,” says Vanessa. What she loves about San Diegan’s is that everyone can wear whatever they want, and no one will judge you – if you want to be casual, you can be casual, and if you want to be dressy, go for it.