San Diego Students Participate in the National Future City Competition

A team of 24 middle school students from the Child’s Primary School (TCPS), a San Diego private school located in Clairemont, is participating in the 2014-15 Future City Competition, a national project-based educational competition that gives 6th, 7th and 8th grade students an opportunity to work with engineers to plan, design and build scale models of futuristic cities.

Three of the 24 students from TCPS will travel to L.A. this Saturday, January 24, to present their models to the judges of this year’s competition, which is being held at Wildwood School, a Los Angeles area private school. TCPS is one of 18 schools participating in this year’s Future City Competition, which carries the theme: Feeding Future Cities. Its goal is to encourage students to explore today's urban agriculture; from aeroponic and rooftop gardens to recycled grey water and other sustainable methods of producing crops within a city.

The TCPS team used community resources to build their city’s infrastructure and determine what food sources they’d use in an urban setting. They’ve consulted with a hydroponics expert and a farmer from across the country about their idea, and used the engineering design process to bring the idea to life—first using SIM City rendering software, and on to a real-life, 3-D model made from recycled materials. 

The project has given them the opportunity to work as team to identify problems; brainstorm ideas; use math, science and critical thinking to find solutions to engineering challenges; and to develop research, writing and public speaking skills.  It’s also given them a chance to explore career options and build 21st century life skills.

Winners of the regional competition will be announced on Saturday, and will then move on to the Washington D.C. finals February 15-18. This is the TCPS students' first time participating in the Future City Competition.

The Child’s Primary School was opened by Maggie Price and Sherry Risch in 1983. The private K-8 strives to uphold and teach the principles of individual diversity and respect for all people. Its focus is helping children develop strong interpersonal and communication skills, and encouraging them to use problem solving, time management and critical thinking. They also encourage students to give back to the community by participating in school-wide community service projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Child’s Primary School in Clairemont, you can visit their website at, or call (858) 576-2120. For more information about the national Future City Competition, visit