San Diego's Best Sushi Spots

Roll into One of These Sushi Spots, You Won't Regret It

A beautiful plate of fresh nigri

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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar—Kearny Mesa, San Diego

There is a seemingly never-ending line that always borders the sidewalks surrounding Kearny Mesa’s most popular revolving sushi bar. An iPad allows for speedy check-in and provides guests with an estimated wait time and a text when their table is ready. With reservations unavailable, people’s best shot at a speedy seating is downloading the restaurant’s app and signing in through there. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is truly unlike any other sushi bar that I have ever been to and was such an exciting experience for me. I had never been to any type of restaurant where the waiters and waitresses weren’t heavily involved in bussing tables, and the reason that Kura had that trait wasn’t the product of bad service—the service was fantastic—but rather each table had a slot where guests would slide the empty plates, so the computerized menu could keep track of your plates, and ultimately your bill.

The computerized menu that sits at each table has the picture and price of each menu item, which includes hot dishes like ramen, as well as sushi rolls, hand rolls, and desserts like mochi ice cream and watermelon. Kura’s small plates and low prices allow guests to try multiple rolls instead of the traditional 8- or 10-piece roll, which is great for people who love to try lots of new things when it comes to food! The computerized menu also tracks the items that you have ordered so you always know what’s on the way, and what you’ve already ordered! When your items are ready, a speedy conveyor belt shoots your food out directly to your table. The experience was laid back and very independent, which was a great change from the ordinary restaurant experience.


Full Moon Sushi—Gaslamp District

It is easy to see why this sushi restaurant is a recent Diners’ Choice winner. Located in the buzzing Gaslamp District in San Diego, Full Moon is a five-star experience when it comes to food and service. With a lounge and kitchen bar, and a menu full of mouth-watering plates, it is hard not to enjoy yourself when you dine here. Luxurious yet affordable, Full Moon’s sushi is the perfect blend of upscale and comfort. The open bar anchors the lounge area, which is full of banquette-style seating. Aside from cold plates, hot plates, and soup, their menu also has an extensive list of sushi rolls, salads, grilled skewers, and desserts.

Full Moon’s signature rolls follow the restaurant’s theme, each one named after a different phase of the moon—personally, this is one of my favorite things about the restaurant. The signature rolls on the menu are unique and feature ingredients that you normally don’t see on sushi menus, making for an exciting and new sushi experience.