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Cat Eye The Ghost of Black's Beach cocktail

Cat Eye Club

Hidden on the bustling streets of downtown San Diego you’ll find this retro cocktail lounge, nestled between the jarring storefronts of overstated mainstays. Step into the moody lights and palm fronds of the Cat Eye Club, where you might expect to see Don Draper hidden in a corner, accompanied by his latest vixen. You won’t find Draper, but you will find a collection of the finest and funnest cocktails in town. Cat Eye Club pays homage to the burgeoning nightlife culture of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s with its devotion to classic and tiki cocktails. It’s not just the flavor that holds to the principles of the period—one glance at these drinks will transport you instantly to a luau with the Kennedys. The Ghost of Black’s Beach comes robed in a skull mug, reminiscent of some prized exchange with island natives, and is adorned with fresh fruits. Sip on the complex flavors of Appleton v/x, Benadictine, lemon and falernum syrup for a quenching tiki tryst. True to its name, Strip & Go Naked will release your wild side; served in a giant sea shell and embellished with exotic flowers and fruits, this flavorful favorite will inspire you before your first sip. After ingesting this beautiful punchbowl of Kill Devil Valor West Coast Gin, Smirnoff Vodka, Ballast Point Longfin Lager, orange juice, lemon juice and pomegranate syrup, you’ll want to strip down to your coconut shells and join that luau.

Polite Provisions

Polite Provisions

On the trendy corner of Adams and 30th, Polite Provisions pays tribute to its apothecary heritage in the form of a traditional, pharmaceutical–esque cocktail lounge. Advertising themselves as manufacturers of local tonics, elixirs and cures, Polite Provisions will cure any malaise or malady with the sight of their kaleidoscope of simple, pastel–hued aperitifs. Polite Provisions is like a good period piece, complete with white marble, polished brass, and bowler hat–clad barkeeps. The clean simplicity of the bar is paired perfectly with the vendibles themselves—delicate, muted cocktails infused with fresh fruits and mild spirits and served in dainty coupes and snifters. Indulge in one of their cocktails on draft, fresh and fizzy cocktails to tickle your tastebuds and nose. Our favorite, the First Lady, features London Dry Gin and Blueberry & Lily’s Lavendar Soda for a light and floral sip. Even the spirit–forward selections come in crystalline cannikins, delicately adorned with orange rinds and drizzled across a single glacial cube. To make the most of PP’s unique spirits, try their Troy Baker, made with Polite Provisions’ Private Barrel W.L. Weller Reserve, Bianco Vermouth, Suze and chocolate bitters.