San Diego's New TV Show The Romance

Learn to love with San Diego's reality show The Romance

The Romance

If theres one quest that unites us all as humans, its the hunt for true love. Well go to any lengths to find itincluding committing ourselves to reality TV and the watchful eyes of thousands of strangers. 

Ken Gora, the creator and executive producer of the new reality show The Romance: So You Think Its Love, knows that this eternal journey for romance is what unites us all. Everyone from age 17 to 97 can relate to being single and dating at one time or another, and when audiences see the TV series is both entertaining and educational its a win for everyone,he says.

Though the essential benefit of the show is finding love, its also proven to be a bit of a love story for the city of San Diego. Contestants benefit, companies benefit and cities benefit,Gora explains. The twelveepisode series follows real San Diego singles in real San Diego locales, boosting our economy and showing off our beautiful sceneryand peopleto the world.

When Gora created the show, he made sure San Diego businesses and charities would benefit. Local restaurants, wineries, venues and salons will be in the national limelight; through a series of both group dates and individual dates, well watch as contestants enjoy dinner at Eddie Vs in La Jolla or Il Fornaio in Del Mar, as they experience a Zolna Yacht Charter or a hosted event by Beach House Winery in the wine country of Oceanside or Ramona. The best of San Diego will be on display.

But theres a lot more going on than just a series of dates. A panel of experts, Dating Coach Kimberly Seltzer and Matchmaker Elle France, along with Gora, coach the contestants along their path to romance, offering constructive feedback to help them succeed in their journey for love. Goras got the credentials to back up his advice and idea. With a doctorate in psychology and more than 20 years of experience working with people, Gora feels The Romance is bound to be entertainingand educational.

Have you ever watched one of these TV shows or heard about what happened on a date and wished you or someone could just shake them silly and tell them what you were seeing?Gora asks. Thats what we do. In the show, we have both a therapist and a relationship expert, as well as guest experts that will be giving the contestants feedback on their choices throughout their dating experiences on the show. The television audience learns from these conversations and feedback, as do the contestants.

And, most importantly, the show displays love in a realistic light.  Nobody is living in a mansion, no one is flying to Bora Bora or Tahiti on a third date,says Gora. Not everyone looks like a model and no one is asked to get engaged or married.These reallife aspects of The Romance set it apart from playedout dating shows like The Bachelor.  Everyone lives in San Diego, and all our contestants have jobs, some have kids and they are really trying to meet that special someone while living their normal routine.

Ready to fall in love? You can watch Gora and his team of experts as they coach local singles beginning January 15th on Channel 4 Cox Cable and Time Warner Cable, or catch up online. For more information, visit The Romance