Sarah Wynter: From Newcastle to New York

Australian Actress Sarah Wynter Brings Strength to the States

Sarah Wynter of "Goliath"

Photos by Sara Krauss Photography

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Young girls are born with huge imaginations filled with make-believe stories of fantastical adventures and daily thrills. As they grow into young women, their imaginations begin to craft dreams of their futures—hope for a family, a strong career and wanderlust take over in their minds. While these young adults fight to bring their dreams to fruition, not all leave their world of make-believe behind.

Enter Sarah Wynter, a modern circus act juggling her family, acting career and frequent traveling all at once. Born in Newcaster, Australia, Wynter left home for New York at 17 to study acting—what she intended to be a quick trip turned into a change of citizenship and the beginning of a long career playing make-believe for a living on the silver screen. With a varied repertoire that includes television shows such as Sex and the City, 24, Californication, Dead Zone, Windfall and Elementary, this New York resident of 25 years has brought her dreams to fruition through hard work and discipline. Currently, Sarah Wynter is a cast member on the Amazon Prime TV series Goliath, which stars Billy Bob Thorton and William Hurt. Recently renewed for a second season, this critical darling of a series centers around the fictional law firm Cooperman McBride, with Sarah Wynter portraying a widow and mother to one of the firm’s plaintiffs. 

Yes, taking on new personas is what Sarah Wynter does for a living—and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Wynter spoke with FINE Magazine Editor-at- Large Tracey Smith about her journey from Newcastle to New York and everything in between.

Sarah Wynter

When you were a girl in Newcastle, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Oh, I only ever wanted to be an actor. I didn’t consider anything else, which is something I wouldn’t recommend coming up today. You’re supposed to have a backup plan.

I started acting in school; I was in a lot of plays and musicals throughout high school. I had an aunt who was in a local theater company, and I moved to Sydney to go to boarding school, where I continued [acting]. I really never pursued anything else. It was sort of a childhood hobby that turned into a dream, and it became a reality for me.

Did you have your sights set on coming to the United States to hone your acting career?
Growing up in Australia, I had always planned on visiting New York City, seeing Broadway and maybe––in my wildest dreams––taking some acting classes and then going back home... I ended up just staying. I realized after a while that I was having the career that I wouldn’t have had in Australia, so it didn’t make any sense to go back. I’ve been here for twenty-five years now; I’m an American citizen. I’ve been here longer than I’ve lived in Australia, which more or less blows my mind these days.