Savor the Holiday Flavors with Deanna's

Deanna’s Tips for a Safe, Gluten–Free Holiday

Gluten-Free holiday season food

Deanna Smith

It’s time again for tender, juicy roasted turkey and sweet honey ham, mountains of buttery mashed potatoes and stuffing dripping with homemade gravy. Then comes the scrumptious apple pie a’ la mode or the ultimate pumpkin pie dolloped with whipped cream. Hmmm, why not a little of both! But wait… is any of this gluten–free? For most of us, gluten or any food allergen is the last thing on our minds during the feasts of the holiday season unless you or someone you know and love is doing the “Gluten–Free Thing.” Some do it to feel better, some do it because they have a gluten intolerance, but one in 100 does it because they are Celiac and gluten causes life–threatening effects. 

The great news is, yes, most any of your favorite holiday dishes can be made gluten–free and in some cases allergen free, too. No one has to go without at the holiday feast! 

Tips for a Gluten-Free Holiday Season

RSVP with an Offer to Assist the Host 

Preparing gluteen-free & allergen–free foods can be intimidating, so offer to take on the job or send a “How to Prepare Safe Foods” check–off list, including the possibility of cross contamination. 


This is your time to shine! Bring your favorite gluten–free or allergen–free holiday entrées; they have come a long way from the days of that cardboard taste! And you won’t be missing out. 

Glam Up the Table with Entrée Labels 

Use place cards to list entrée ingredients, including “secret ingredients,” to keep your family recipes under wraps, and add a star to the gluten–free or allergen–free entrées. 

Eat Before You Go This Holiday Season

Snacking beforehand will help keep your mind off what is or isn’t gluten–free so you can relax and enjoy your friends and family.

Don’t Forget Back Up Gluten-Free Snacks

It’s a good idea to stash some snacks in your purse, car or jacket pocket. Rice crackers, individual packs of SunButter spread, gluten-free trail mix or gluten-free snack bars are my usual go–to’s. 

Order Gluten-Free Food Ahead & Ship Direct 

Especially if you’re traveling, order at and have your holiday items shipped to your door or directly to your holiday destination.