Accomplishing the Impossible

Creations World Concierge crafts exclusive memories for its elite clientele.

Want a private meeting with the pope? Need an elephant for a personal parade? Creations World Concierge, an international concierge company, can make it happen.
“There’s no request we cannot fulfill,” says Elizabeth Steen, the company’s vice president. Based in Carlsbad, Creations provides a host of services for the elite traveler that are far from ordinary, from acquiring the Presidential Suite in a sold-out five-star hotel in New York to procuring elephants for a private villa’s parade in India.

“We take a client’s request and get it done as efficiently as possible,” Steen says, adding that the company’s mantra is simply “old-fashioned personal service.”
Coming from an hotelier family, Creations founder. Kenyan-born Salima Ruffin, refined her own intuition for excellence as an early pioneer, providing concierge services at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego. After becoming the first woman in the world to be invited to join the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or, a hotel concierge professional association, Ruffin formed Creations World Concierge.

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Twenty years later, the company serves celebrities, dignitaries, Forbes C-level executives and their families, and even royalty, arranging four- and five-star accommodations worldwide. While the vast majority of services are travel-related, the company also offers chauffeured car services, unavailable tickets to sold-out events, party and event planning and security services for remote locations, all delivered with impeccable attention to detail.

“We seek to satisfy both clients and any staff they travel with. We need to make everyone happy,” Steen explains. “We actually provide seven-star service.”
For example, while most clients travel by private jet to their destinations, accompanying staff typically travel commercially. Of course, Creations arranges all accommodations for staff as well. The company can also arrange yacht travel and should a client make a specific request—for example, a tennis partner with a particular skill level—Creations “simply finds an appropriate player at that location,” Steen says.

It’s no surprise that many of Creations’ clients have remained loyal for more than a dozen years. And new clients are acquired by referrals only, a remarkable testament to any company’s excellence and measurement of overall client satisfaction.

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“We have good relationships with our clients,” says Steen, who has been with the company for 20 years. “We enjoy seeing the end results, knowing we have done something for somebody.”

Steen recalls some recent high praise when a family attending an Olympic event in London asked her: “Elizabeth, how did you get these seats? They are better than Bill Gates’ seats.”

Steen worked tirelessly making multi-faceted arrangements for several families for the Olympics, and remains busy planning the ultimate vacations for her clients. “Right now I’m working with a couple families planning a trip to Italy, arranging four- and five-star accommodations, private tours of the Vatican and a private meeting with the pope,” Steen explains.

Steen chuckles when she recalls a memory of getting elephants for clients visiting India: “It was a family with four children that we arranged a private villa for in India. During their stay, we acquired two elephants from the prince. The four children painted the elephants and placed flower leis on them and had a traditional Indian parade.”

With these kinds of memories, it is not hard to see how clients remain so loyal to Creations World Concierge, where no stone is left unturned in accomplishing the impossible.
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