FINE magazine September 2012

It’s a question that has plagued artists and critics for centuries: What is art?
What links a cave painting, the words of Shakespeare, the pirouette of a dancer and the sharp planes of a modern sculpture? Art has united and it has divided—yet through it all, it has remained a decidedly human endeavor.
Poet Amy Lowell defined art as “the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.” Throughout history, we have sought visual and verbal symbols to articulate our hopes and our fears, to communicate the core of our individual and collective beings. Art has chronicled our past, and it shapes our future.
In this issue, we celebrate artistic expression, both near and far. We take a look at furniture designer Rebecca Justice’s custom collection, and admire the craft of master wood carver J. Chester “Skip” Armstrong. We explore Lux Art Institute and peek inside Art N Soul on 101, a non-profit gallery that donates its store profits to local charities. And we tempt your palate with the artful dishes served at Sushi on the Rock.
We hope you enjoy this tribute to our local expression.

Featured Articles:

  • New in Town
  • Accomplishing The Impossible
  • Home Decor Trends
  • Modeling Creativity
  • Chiseled Life
  • A Weighty Issue
  • Like a Rock

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