RHCreation by Richard Henderson

From Belize to Southern California, designer Richard Henderson is making a splash with his tropical women’s clothing line.

RHCreation stylings

Photo provided with permission

Belizean-born fashion designer, Richard Henderson, is a successful fashion designer based in San Diego. With years of hands-on experience, a dedicated business partner and love for the fashion industry, Henderson has built a widely admired fashion line, complete with affordability and chic, Caribbean flair. The sexy yet sophisticated florals and prints incorporated into the clothing have afforded much attention to Henderson and his work.


RHCreation has appeared in The Bi-Annual Swim Collective Trade Show in Huntington Beach, California, Queen of the Jewel, the official Miss Belize Pageant, the Daytime Emmy’s, BET Awards in Los Angeles, Funny Honey Asia Comedy Tour, Hollywood Improv and the Miss California Latina & Miss Teen California Latina and was winner of 2013’s Fashion Week San Diego.

While Henderson has accumulated a long list of accomplishments, RHCreation is only getting started. I was fortunate enough to ask Henderson a few questions about his career as a successful fashion designer. From childhood ambition to full manifestation of his goals, Richard Henderson agreed to share with me his journey to success and how he plans to expand his fashion line in the future.

Q: When did you realize your passion for fashion and how did you work to make it a career? 

I realized my passion for Fashion at a very young age growing up in my grandparents sewing shop in Belize. As soon as I had the opportunity to study it after receiving my BA degree, I started working in the fashion industry working my way up to the level I’m today and keep focusing on going as far as possible.

Q: Is there a person or brand who has been a source of inspiration for you and your work thus far? 

My very first job in the the industry was assisting the designer of Laundry by Shelli Segal. I learned so much from her and her mentoring brought out the creative and talent I had inside. Also, along with my business partner who keeps pushing me even further to make my dream a successful story. 

 Q: What makes San Diego a good location for the fashion industry?

Considering Southern California is the garment capital of the world and the city of San Diego being a great location for Resort Wear and the RHCREATION brand.

Q: What inspired your latest line?

My latest collection was inspired by tropical colors of a Caribbean mango, avocado and papaya salad.

Q: Advice for aspiring designers?

I would advise any aspiring designers to know their costumers, focus on their brand and always pay attention to their competitors, failures and success stories. 

Q: Future plans for RHCreation?

To expand into internet retail sources and find the right financial investors to expand the RHCREATION brand, into a true success story.



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