Setting up Electricity and Natural Gas Utilities for Your Edmonton Home

Setting up Electricity and Natural Gas Utilities for Your Edmonton Home

If you have been living in Edmonton, Alberta, for a while now or if you have recently moved there, you are definitely going to find yourself searching for the internet to figure out how to set up the utilities for natural gas and electricity in your home.

For people outside the country, this might seem like quite an odd thing to do but Canadians are well aware of this reality. The reason why people find themselves searching for utility providers has to do with the fact that the energy market in the country is a little peculiar, to say the least.

Arranging residential utilities all over Canada is more complex than you would like but this should not discourage you. Once you have a handle on how the energy market operates in your province, searching for the right energy provider to fulfill your needs becomes easy.

Here is some help on how you can choose utility providers in Edmonton that will offer you the best possible rates with a good service.

How the Utility Market Works in Canada

Before you get to the point where you’ll actually search for a company that provides the best utilities Edmonton has to offer, it is very important to understand how the market even works in Canada. We mentioned that the energy market in the country is peculiar. Here’s why.

The energy markets in Canada can either be regulated or unregulated. The markets that are regulated see the provinces manage them. The provinces regulate the markets with the interest of protecting the end consumers for the utilities by guaranteeing rates that are fair and serve to the benefits of the public.

The regulated markets see the province administration set the electricity and natural gas prices, they monitor the performance of the utilities and they provide consumers with all the information they need to understand the energy. They focus on the development of policies that will help them rise up to meet the challenges and demands of the utilities.

The deregulated markets like the utilities Edmonton has to offer differ from this. Do not think that the public interest is not a concern. IT is actually the primary motivation behind all the policies that govern the deregulated markets. You see, instead of the province setting the fair prices, the different energy providers are in competition against each other.

The strategy they use to cater to the public interest is enhancing the quality of service they provide, the quantity of it and all while trying to keep the most competitive prices. The companies which manage to achieve these targets properly are able to attract more customers and enjoy long term success.

Utilities in Your Edmonton Home

The most reasonable utility provider to opt for when it comes to catering to the needs of your Edmonton home is Direct Energy. You see, the province of Alberta is the least regulated energy market in Canada. This means that almost half of the end consumers in the province are actually opting for competitive utility products offered by companies like Direct Energy, ATCO Energy, and Enmax Energy.

Why Choosing Direct Energy is going to Suit Your Edmonton Home the Best

While there are several utility providers that are competing for the top spot in the province of Alberta and in Edmonton alone, you can always only go for just one option.

Due to the high competition, each of the major utility providers try to go the extra mile to out-do each other and win over customers. When it comes to reasonable pricing, excellent service, ease of use and proper attention to detail, Direct Energy is definitely the best option to consider in Edmonton.

Direct Energy happens to be one of the biggest energy providers in the North American continent. While many would assume that such a position would make them lose touch with their customers, they actually care more than you would think.

Direct Energy offers you a host of different plans to meet your utility needs in the city of Edmonton. When it comes to your utility needs in Edmonton, Direct Energy has a plan for everybody. Whether you require a smart home bundle or you want to secure a long term or short term plan for electricity and natural gas, Direct Energy has different options in fixed-rate plans for you to choose from.

The best thing about Direct Energy is that you will no longer have to worry about constantly fluctuating utility bills.

Setting up Utilities with Direct Energy is Easy

Perhaps the best reason to set up your utilities with Direct Energy has to be the fact that it is actually very simple to avail their services. In a matter of three simple steps, you get to enjoy their unmatchable services.

The first step is to enter the postal code for Edmonton and look at all the available plans that Direct Energy has to offer. Once you see all the plans, the second step is to compare the prices of the different plans and select the one which will suit your needs the best.

After selecting the plan you find most suitable, the final step is to just complete the signup process and in less than 10 minutes, you will get registered.