Should You Use A National Moving Company Or Local Movers?

When it comes to relocation, most individuals have to deal with numerous considerations. Some of the issues are confusing and overwhelming, making relocation quite stressful. One of the most important questions to ask when moving is which company would be most suitable? Sadly, there is no easy answer to this question; however, this article can help you narrow the options. The article will present you with facts regarding all moving companies and help you choose between a national or local moving company.


What Are The Different Kinds Of Movers?

The relocation industry is one of the most competitive industries, with approximately five million US citizens moving per year. The period from June to September is often the busiest for moving companies because families move in the break from school. Summer is also a peak season for a corporate company and military relocation. To find the best moving company available, you must know what types of moving companies are available.


1. Local Movers

A local mover is one that specializes in relocation within a specific region. The company tends to offer services with a minimal amount of moving staff as required. Some movers do offer additional services, such as a packing service. Local movers often focus on smaller projects like moving students, moving from apartments, and senior relocation.

It is important to note that not all local movers are the same. The larger moving companies offer a full-service relocation for local moves as well as long-distance moves. Large companies have more staff and resources to move people from large residences. The full-service relocation companies offer basic services such as the moving truck, staff, and packing services; however, they also offer cleaning services for their clients.

2. National Moving Companies

National moving companies can include moving franchises and van lines. If you see a company offering van lines, this can mean one of two things – it is a national company offering long-distance and international relocations with full moving services. The van line option has “agents,” which are assigned to specific moving jobs that fall in their jurisdiction. This means that the move is delegated to moving agents in the area to which you are relocating. While you will deal with the van line company, the move is conducted by agents carrying a brand.


What Are The Perks Of Using Local Movers?

Imagine a scenario where you are eating at a local restaurant where the staffs know the restaurant regulars offering the same menu each day. It is not an imaginative situation, but far more reliable, dependable, and affordable alternative. Compare this to eating at a classier restaurant where the staff is impersonal, and the menu options are more varied (but also more expensive). The classier joint may have a nicer set-up, but it can be difficult to receive personal attention.

The scenario mentioned above is similar to working with local movers. A local moving company tends to use the same moving procedure for all relocations. They don’t necessarily have unfamiliar uniformed staff or tracking equipment; however, they satisfactorily complete the job if the moving needs are simple.

The most beneficial aspect of local movers is their affordability and experience with relocation projects. Due to the smaller operation, the movers are more flexible regarding customer requests and pricing. When working with local movers, you are more likely to communicate directly with the company owner. This means you receive information quickly and directly as compared to larger company customer services. You will also deal with a single person instead of many to answer your questions.

Unfortunately, using local movers can have some disadvantages. The greatest con is the company’s limited resources.


What Are The Perks Of National Moving Companies?

One aspect involved in using national moving companies, particularly if it is obtained from a van line, is the name of a different company in small print. The smaller company is a van line agent working for the brand you contacted. If the relocation is in the same state, a van line agent will move your belongings. However, national van lines do not always perform intrastate relocations and will allow smaller companies to perform this task.

A benefit to using a national moving company is their license to perform long-distance moves. Furthermore, national companies have the necessary resources available to complete complicated relocations. By complying with industry standards, the calculation of cargo weight and distance covered is included in the charge. In comparison, local movers will charge an hourly basis, including the time it takes to pack, load, deliver, and unload at the new location.

In addition to experience, national moving companies focus on their reputation. As the name of the moving company is often a recognizable brand, it must offer customers the security of working with a reputable business. National moving companies often undertake quality programs to train the moving agents and reward agents who exhibit excellence in relocation.