Silicon Valley Has Nothing on Austin – Check Out These Hi-Tech Employers

Travel Austin, Texas

Travel Austin, Texas

When it comes to technology, who would think that Austin, Texas would be home to some of the nation’s biggest corporations in technology? It is, in fact, home to a great number of the biggest names in American technology, many of them in the realm of computers and Information Technology in general. If you are interested in finding a job in the field, this is definitely the place to start. Here are a few of the largest hi-tech employers you can begin submitting your resume to. Land a job, then look for high-end luxury apartments like you’ll find on Connor Group ( This is what living the good life is all about and you have technology to thank for it. You just might be surprised at the long list of hi-tech employers who make Austin their home.

Dell, Inc.

Dell not only manufactures computers but also computer related products. Although not literally located within the city limits, Round Rock where Dell is located is close enough to be considered part of the greater Austin area. Being only about 18 miles north of the city, it would be easy to find luxurious accommodations within the city and then commute daily.

IBM Corp.

It wasn’t but a few decades ago that IBM was the leading manufacturer and seller of computers and now with so much competition, IBM seems to be relegated to the world of business computers and consulting. Not only is IBM one of the big names in business computer technology but they have branched out into hosting, consulting as mentioned above, infrastructure from mainframes all the way to nanotechnology. It is interesting to note that IBM is still a huge name in the industry and holds more computer technology patents than any other computer company within the United States.

Apple Computer, Inc.

Now, what could be better than landing a job with Apple at their Corporate Headquarters in Austin? It is good to know that this computer giant is in Austin and employs more than 3,000 people. Besides manufacturing computers, there is a sizeable presence of those people you would most often deal with in customer service, marketing and sales.  The first phase of a huge expansion called “America’s Operation Center” and the second phase of this massive undertaking is going to be complete within about four more years, the year 2021. This new phase will create more than 3,500 jobs which in all will be equal to almost 7,000 altogether. That’s an amazing amount of people to employ in terms of city size. 

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

Anyone into computer technology has likely heard of AMD processors. Not only does this company manufacture and sell processors, motherboard chipsets and graphics processors, especially for servers but it also makes them for personal computers and workstations as well. Consider all AMD’s technology that goes into handheld devices, automobiles, digital TVs, game consoles and other systems with embedded chipsets and applications. 

Applied Materials

While not exactly specific to computer technology, a lot of what Applied Materials does is used within that industry. From semiconductors to LCD displays, this is a technology that is vital to IT and many entertainment systems as well. Not only are their coatings used in computer technology but they are used on home windows as well. This company produces a flexible substrate to be used in photovoltaic solar cells with either a thin film coating or a crystalline coating. In other words, they are into photovoltaic technology that is the way of the future in terms of the production of energy.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

As a branch of the world-famous Samsung, their Semiconductor manufacturing branch is located in Austin. One interesting point about this particular branch of Samsung is that it is the only location outside of South Korea where semiconductors are manufactured. This is a huge boon to Austin as Samsung chose this city in Texas and no others anywhere on earth outside its homeland. What you may also like to know is that this particular investment is the largest in Texas and one of the single largest of them as well as being one of the largest in the United States. 

National Instruments

As a company that manufactures software and automated test equipment, National Instruments also plays a huge role in virtual instrumentation and offers a line of embedded controllers. This particular company isn’t as widely known to laypeople as the above, but if you are seeking a job in technology, you wouldn’t exactly be considered a layperson. This may be a company to pursue simply because it isn’t as well known as the others.

3M Corporation

Finally, one last example of a company that is still within the realm of technology but a different sort altogether. 3M in Austin is a division of their Minnesota headquarters in which they manufacture electronics and new products that support operations for 3M around the globe. Again, although it is a well-known name in technology, it isn’t related to computer or information technology in the strictest sense, it is a hi-tech industry nonetheless.

Making Austin Your Home

So, while these are the biggest names in technology that have a large and very visible presence in the economy of Austin, Texas, there are other industries as well. Anyone seeking to move to Texas could do no better than to choose Austin, especially if they are into technology. With some of the loveliest pieces of property in the state and a huge number of well-known and well-respected industries, there is sure to be a job vacancy for serious applicants looking for a career in an industry with high potential for the future.

No, you wouldn’t think of Austin when looking for a job in technology, but with such a prestigious presence within the technology sector, this really should be on everyone’s list of potential places to relocate. With a great number of support jobs in administration and other departments, you don’t even need to actually be tech savvy! But since technology is the way of the future, you won’t do better than living and working in Austin.

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