3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business

If you're standing still, you're falling behind. That’s true of almost every area of life, but especially true when it comes to running your own company. For business owners especially, failure to take into consideration the ways that you could improve your business means a sure fire way of ensuring that your competitors will swiftly overtake you. The only way to prevent this is to become diligent about moving forward. If you’re looking for new ways to expand your business, or even if it’s merely a matter of streamlining what you do now, then here are the best ways to make sure that you’re not standing still.




For many businesses, marketing is at the heart. While you may feel that speaking face to face with customers is the most important use of your time, marketing can be the deciding factor between success and failure. Between advertising in order to attract new customers, to public relations to help lay the foundations of your company ethos, marketing is the cornerstone of your business foundation. It is only through marketing that your customers are able to form any kind of relationship with your growing brand, so it’s vital that you pay attention to it and allocate extra funding to your marketing department if necessary.




An often overlooked tool for businesses is the concept of outsourcing. There are many reasons to give it some serious consideration, not least of which is the fact that by outsourcing, you allow your in-house staff to focus on the roles and tasks that will give your business the most value for money. Some people feel that outsourcing is going to cut into their bottom line and that it, therefore, becomes unaffordable, but even if it requires a simple loan, you’ll find that outsourcing more than covers the negligible expenditure and can increase your ROI. Cutting costs and utilizing the expertise of experienced people is a guaranteed way to make the most of your working day, as it leaves you free to concentrate on what you’re best at. An example of outsourcing could be employing better merchant services such as  btrpay.com to process credit card payments faster and install an easy-to-use card terminal.


Market research


Too many people neglect to factor in market research when budgeting for the business year. This can often be a costly mistake, as it is only through market research that you are able to learn about your customer’s needs and opinions, which, in turn, will give you a greater understanding of how you can offer the best service. Market research can also provide valuable data regarding your competition, and you can be sure that your competitors are using this valuable tool. Failure to do so can make the difference between success and failure.


It can be all too easy to overcomplicate our working day, and this is especially true when building your own business. By taking advantage of the opportunities available to you, be it financial or in terms of expert advice, you are able to stay focused on the day-to-day priorities and concentrate on making sure that your business doesn’t end up standing still.