Skin Care Essentials You Should Have While You Stay At Home During This Pandemic

The coronavirus is now considered as a pandemic because it continues to affect the lives of
millions across the globe. Because this virus doesn’t always come with visible symptoms,
countries have decided to shut their borders and directed their citizens to stay at home. This
status quo left a lot of people unproductive and, oftentimes, bored at home.

If you don’t want to sulk at home and sit on your couch all day, use this time to take better care
of your skin. Since most establishments are closed during this pandemic, you won’t have any
reasons to rush going out and disregard your skin care routine. In fact, this pandemic can be the
perfect opportunity for you to create a skin care routine based on your skin type and needs.
Aside from checking websites, such as Yora , make sure to incorporate the following essentials
into your own skin care routine while you’re staying at home during this pandemic:

1. Cleansing Oil

Staying at home during this pandemic doesn’t automatically mean that you have clean and clear
skin. Germs can be found anywhere, and disregarding the importance of a skin care routine will
increase your chances of developing acne and blackheads. The pillow you use to sleep every
night contains germs, and these can be transferred to your face every time you get some shuteye.
Cleansing oil is essential to every skin care routine as this helps remove germs and other
pollutants that have seeped into your skin. Unlike using water and mild soap when washing your
skin, a cleansing oil can provide better results because this is specifically made to thoroughly
clean deep layers of the skin. You should apply cleansing oil to your face first thing in the
morning, as well as every night before sleeping.

2. Exfoliant

Everybody needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life every once in a while, and you
should also do the same to your skin. Your skin is exposed to countless pollutants that can cause
premature skin aging . Over time, this can become the reason why your skin will look dull and
dry, and wrinkles will become more visible.

You can slow down the aging process by using an exfoliant once a week. An exfoliant works
deeper compared to a cleanser, and removes dead and oily skin. Depending on your preference,
you can choose to use a chemical exfoliator (a scrub) or a mechanical one (like lactic acid and
glycolic acid) to buff away or dissolve dead skin.


Although using an exfoliator daily can be satisfying, make sure that you don’t do it that often.
Overusing an exfoliator can strip away the natural oils from your skin, causing dryness and

3. Eye Cream

Dark circles around the eyes can be a cause for concern. This is especially true for individuals
whose lifestyles will require them to talk to other people. How can you confidently engage with
conversations if you’re too embarrassed about the dark circles under your eyes? Do you think
the appearance of these dark spots can leave a positive impression about your character? Make
use of the time you spend at home to minimize or treat black circles around your eyes using an
eye cream.

An eye cream is another essential skin care product that you should use daily. Since the skin
around your eyes is thinner than other parts of your face, you should exert time and effort in
taking care of it. Using an eye cream will make this process easy for you as this product contains
antioxidants that can help reduce wrinkles, as well as caffeine that can minimize the appearance
of puffiness.


The dark circles around your eyes are often caused by aging, so it’s best if you invest in an eye
cream that can slow down the effects of the aging process.

4. Moisturizer

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to buy several expensive products just to keep your
skin healthy. Usually, using the right moisturizer is enough to do the trick.

Your body naturally produces oils that keep your skin healthy and supple. By using a moisturizer
and applying it the moment you step out from a bath or shower, you can trap in these oils and be
able to enjoy healthy skin throughout the day. The more often you use a moisturizer, the more
supple your skin will be.

Aside from this effect, using a moisturizer regularly can keep your skin strong from external
irritants, such as dirt and dust. With the number of moisturizers available in the market today,
make sure that you choose one that is apt for your skin type and the season in your country. And,
since you will be using this product regularly, consider the price as well.

5. Sunscreen

The sun produces vitamin D that can help the body fight diseases, reduce depression, and boost
weight loss. Vitamin D is actually very beneficial to your health, but receiving excessive
amounts of sunlight can also cause damage, especially to the skin. Too much sun exposure can
result in severe redness, hot skin, pain, blisters, dehydration, and even peeling. All of these can
cause pain and discomfort to the point where you can no longer move or accomplish tasks at

Even if you are only staying at home during this pandemic, it’s best if you regularly apply
sunscreen. Ideally, you should use sunscreen every day and apply more if you plan on spending
time outdoors.

Sunscreen is your cheapest weapon in protecting your skin from wrinkles and pigmentation.
Most importantly, the use of sunscreen every day can keep your skin safe from the dangers
produced by the sun’s rays.

Make Careful Decisions

When trying out new skin care products, it’s best if you do a skin test first. You should put a
little amount of the product on your wrist or leg to see if you develop any allergies. If you don’t,
you can proceed to using the product on your face and other parts of your body. However, if you
notice redness or itchiness, it might be best if you look for alternatives.
You can also consult a dermatologist if you’re having a hard time deciding which skin care
products to use.

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