Soaring to New Heights in San Diego Hot Air Balloons

Northing Says Springtime in San Diego Like Hot Air Balloons

As spring quickly approaches and the weather becomes ever–more scenic, the list of potential outdoor activities only grows more exhilarating. Ranking in at the more thrilling side of possible spring adventures, hot air balloon rides have become a popular must for many, especially locally, where San Diego’s breath–taking scenic views are abundant. There's something beautifully picturesque about a colorful hot air balloon gliding effortlessly through a grand landscape.

Riding in a hot air balloon is a versatile activity; it can be an intimate romantic affair or simply a sightseeing endeavor you won’t want to miss out on. At any cost, riding in a hot air balloon should definitely be on your to do list! To embark on such an exciting adventure, it’s best to make certain the company you’re flying with not only follows basic safety precautions, but also caters to your hot air balloon experience.

Compass Balloons

Compass Balloons is a relatively new company offering hot air balloon rides in the region and has quickly gained notoriety for their excellence in providing great service. Offering rides in both Temecula and San Diego, guests can choose their ideal scenery to soar over. 

Safety is a top concern, so all pilots are FAA commercially certified and have a verified perfect flying record. They also act as your own personal tour guides as you float thousands of feet above the ground, pointing out landmarks along your journey. To ensure you enjoy every minute of your awe–inspiring ride, champagne and commemorative t–shirts are provided to make your ride that much more special.

Pricing varies on time of day (i.e. sunset vs. morning) and the number in your party, which they encourage to be fewer than 8. These prices, along with any other information regarding the hot air balloon flights, can be found on Compass Balloons.

Sky's the Limit Ballooning Adventures

For a more intimate hot air balloon excursion in the San Diego area, you might want to check out Sky’s the Limit Ballooning Adventures.

Featuring a romantic sunset champagne tour, guests will find themselves on the Del Mar coast as the sun sets, provided with a glass of champagne for roughly an hour of flight time. Experienced pilots such as owner James Lawson have a passion for hot air balloon aviation and have been flying skillfully for decades. In fact, TripAdvisor awarded Sky’s the Limit with a certificate of excellence in 2014 for their continued attention to detail and satisfaction.

The company also offers hot air balloon adventures over Temecula vineyards, as well as Solvang–Santa Barbara wine country. Any location you choose is sure to be gorgeous, but we are a tad partial to the local beauty of San Diego and Del Mar. For further inquiries or to schedule your hot air balloon excursion, visit Sky’s the Limit Ballooning Adventure’s.

Panda "Air" Bear Hot Air Balloon

Although each hot air balloon tour company has its own unique spin on the classic balloon ride, Panda “Air” Bear Hot Air Balloon Flights incorporates a clever aesthetic element to the experience. If the company’s name tipped you off at all, you may have guessed that guests fly over the ground in a panda bear–shaped hot air balloon!

In addition to the panda bear balloon, a medical/health care balloon featuring the medical symbol (rod of Asclepius) can take passengers to new heights in a stylish way. Be prepared for random strangers to take a few photos as you glide through the air in the ultimate hot air balloon style.

Tours will soar over Del Mar in the evenings for a romantic view, or try locations in Temecula, Perris Valley and even Palm Springs.

Tours are limited to private, intimate gatherings of fewer than three, creating a romantic experience for all parties involved. As always, your accompanying pilot is FAA commercially licensed and ready to make your adventure one you won’t soon forget.

Riding in a giant panda bear sound like something you may be interested in? Visit Panda Air Bear Ballon Flights for details on how you can experience one of the most unique hot air balloon rides in the area.

No matter your reason for experiencing the inspiring thrill of a hot air balloon, you are guaranteed to find the company that best fits your needs and expectations. 

The locations the balloons fly over differ per the company you settle with, but generally the San Diego coastline, Del Mar and the Temecula wine country are destinations the balloons tend to visit. You can’t go wrong with any of these destinations, all offering their own exhilarating charm.

Soaring above the ground in a hot air balloon is an indescribable experience. Although most people have flown in an airplane at some point in their lifetime, the feeling does not compare to the thrilling aspect of being in an open basket as you rise a few thousand feet up into the air.

As you glide smoothly on your journey, you’re sure to fall in love with the effortless beauty of the southern California scenery. Whether it be the Del Mar coast at sunset or Temecula’s wine country in the morning, unforgettable sights are within your grasp this spring.