Spas & Wellness Retreats in California

Insider's guide to SoCal's best health and wellness retreats.

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The Very Best in Wellness, Southern California

In today's fast-paced society, with overbooked schedules and high demand lifestyles, now more than ever, we are in need of mindful and grounding self-care practices. Cultivating a sense of mindfulness for one’s health and happiness is a sound investment in your future. Mindfulness is a method used to bring awareness to the present moment and focus on only immediate needs, without pressure or judgment from one's self.

Without external pressures, we are better able to make sound decisions. Today there is an abundance of specialized health and wellness retreats, devoted to healing people, be it spiritual, physical, or psychological aid. Southern California is a treasure trove of reputable health and wellness retreats that are certain to provide rejuvenating day-cations or immersive week long retreats.

This insider’s guide describes the top five centers in Southern California that are guaranteed to help you feel purpose, invigorate your body and refocus your mind. Sometimes all we need to renew our sense of direction is a break from the monotony of work and home life. Each resort is unique, so we have put together a detailed overview to help you pick your next retreat.