Spas & Wellness Retreats in California

Insider's guide to SoCal's best health and wellness retreats.

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Golden Door, San Marcos

777 Deer Springs Road, San Marcos (760) 761-4124

Spas-Wellness-Retreats-CaliforniaBased on the Japanese philosophy of "enso", the Golden Door is devoted to helping their guests renew their commitment to themselves.The central focus of empowerment, provides a platform for guests to recenter, body and spirit, which in turn releases a sense of newfound freedom within. This empowering approach to health and wellness places the reigns of control back in the hands of retreat-goers, as they participate in wellness practices that cultivate mindful decisions through 5 and 7-day transformative body and mind programs. 

The Golden Door is a place of reflection, and the gorgeous facilities help instill a feeling of peace. Japanese style buildings wind their way through rolling meadows and hillsides, which offer guests ample hiking opportunities. The combined rigor of fitness and indulgence of the spa will leave guests feeling restored and healthy. A carefully designed schedule will incorporate mindfulness sessions, fitness, nutrition and, of course, a bit of pampering. 

The Golden Door is an excellent retreat for those really looking to work on personal growth and development. A nurturing environment and a 4 to 1 ratio of staff to guests will ensure that you are guided on a journey of relaxation and reflection. Sometimes life can become so overwhelming, a retreat is exactly what is needed. 


And there you have it. The best of the best health and wellness retreats currently in Southern California. Each resort has a unique take on how to best relax and heal the mind, some methods tried and true, while others are more contemporary. If you want to improve your happiness and health, a retreat is an excellent way to start. The choice is yours. Enjoy the journey!