Spring Xposure Beverage Recap 2017

Spring Xposure Beverages

Steeping Giant Cold Brew Coffee

Photos by MD Bouton

This year’s Spring Xposure Fashion Show brought in some of Southern California’s finest beverages. From deliciously smooth cold-brew coffee to healthy and nutritious Aloe Vera juice to some of the biggest up incoming names of boutique alcohol, no one left with their thirst unquenched.

Steeping Giant

Known for providing some of the highest quality, clean cold brew in San Diego, The Steeping Giant is making a name for themselves as one of the top choices to get your morning buzz going. The smooth, full bodied taste stems from their brewing technique, which gives your cup of joe virtually no acidity. With passion in their mission statement, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting the absolute best in cold-brewed coffee. 

St Petersburg Vodka

St. Petersburg Vodka

Named after one of the most prominent cities in Russia, St. Petersburg Vodka provides the most elegantly clean and pure vodka that makes it worthy of the name. Using the highest quality wheat in its distillation, consumers taste the subtle flavors of excellence that have earned St. Petersburg a Gold Medal at the Best Buy Bar Competition, as well as the prestigious title of Best Value Vodka with a rating of 94 points.

Sukari Spirits

Sukari Spirits’ sensual bottling is nothing short of eye catching and helps to distinguish itself from all other premium vodkas. With a direct translation of “sweet”, Sukari is perfect for a night out that requires a sophisticated experience. The flagship recipe includes a unique fruit blend that gives Sukari its distinct coloring and provides consumers solace knowing that their drink is all natural, and delicious.

Aloe Gloe

Aloe Gloe

After a surfing accident in Manhattan Beach, co-founder Danny Stepper was prescribed Aloe Vera as a means of treating his injuries. At the time, the market was dominated by sugary drinks that were not conducive to the So Cal healthy lifestyle. Absorbed by emerging beverage incubator L.A. Libations (another accomplishment by Stepper and former Coca-Cola merchandisers Pat Bolden and Dino Sarti), Aloe Gloe provides a delicious, organic, and local beverage to satisfy your palate.

Dos Desperados Brewing

Does Desperados Brewing began over 20 years ago when Dos Desperado's head honcho, Steve Munson (co-owner and head brewer), got the brewing bug. His first brew was a Mexican style ale and was such a hit at his backyard cookouts that he could no longer keep up the demand  brewing in his family home. Dor Desperados Brewing brought an IPA to Spring Xposure.

Henebery Whiskey

Henebery Whiskey

As a youth during Ireland’s Great Potato Famine, Matthew Henebery and his family made the choice to immigrate to the United States to pursue a better life. Having hard work instilled in himself from a very young age, Henebery acquired what is known today as Henebery Whiskey at the age of 19. An incredible smooth whiskey, Henebery’s class can be enjoyed in a variety of different cocktails or just straight.

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